Committing to Lean Manufacturing

The past couple of months has seen a major shift in manufacturing within Australia and while this comes with deep loss there is will also come opportunity.  Many Australian SME manufacture’s are world leaders and have developed comparative advantage in oversea markets such as food, electronics, gears, medical and luxury products. The new manufacturing landscape will come from using different technologies and skills as the manufacturing sectors shifts from mature oversupplied markets to newer niche product markets.

Across this change SME’s companies will need to be strategic with lean manufacturing, visionary with products, and committed to change. TXM has work with many SME’s to develop new manufacturing skills and the more success projects have been achieved due a high level of commitment.

These company’s have leaders at all levels that are committed to achieving their vision and support this through their actions, resources and assigning priorities.  This is demonstrate with the use of visual metrics and having a work force trained in understand the lean manufacturing goals for the site.

Expanding on this point lean leaders have a strong commitment to;

• Purpose:  as they communicate the purpose of the organisation in a way that is meaningful.

• Performance: to inspire people to perform at their best and to join them on the journey.

• Passion: they are personally invested in what they do and have a strong sense of direction.

• Process: they create streamlined processes that deliver unique value to their customers.

• People: they will be always be going to see, asking why and show respect.

TXM has seen that these skills within a lean leaders can move company’s towards achieve higher standards of performance and across into newer products. At time when manufacturing needs confidence developing people sense of commitment is good place to start.


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Robert Chittenden

Author: Robert Chittenden

Robert Chittenden is a Senior Lean Consultant at TXM Lean Solutions