Lean Manufacturing – Turning the Tide of China Sourcing Cost Increases

It has almost been a sourcing certainty over the past 10 years that, whatever it is, “you can make it cheaper in China”. While there have been exceptions and problems (Intellectual property protection, Quality etc.), overall the past decade has seen a huge transfer of the world’s production in to China.  However, if you have been watching

TXM Analysis in the China Sourcer Article shows that the total cost of sourcing many products from China will overtake local sourcing in this decade

closely over the past two years things have changed. the next two decades looks like the ones where we will see a change in China’s position from the low cost factory to the world to a de- veloped country and major market in its own right. this process is not new, we have seen it on a smaller scale in japan, South Korea and Taiwan. However this change has profound implications for buyers across the world…. To read more please sign up to download the full article:


By Tim McLean, Founder and Managing Director of TXM