New Lean Maths Book and Blog by Mark Hamel

New Lean Maths Book and Blog by Mark Hamel

Last week I attended a Lean Enterprise Institute training course entitled “Integrating Visual Management tools and leader standard work” (possibly the longest titled course they have ever run.)  There is a lot of material to review over the coming weeks however I wished to share the lastest news about a new Lean book and blog.

The  instructor for the course was Mark Hamel, creator of the Gemba TalesTM  blog and the Shingo Prize-winning  Kaizen Event Fieldbook.  During the 2 day event Mark refer to how he and his friends where pulling together a new Blog site and future book that would help define and demystify the facts around the topic of LEAN Maths.

Here is extract from Lean Maths blog

“Lean Math.” Now, there’s a name that evokes passion in the heart of every lean practitioner!?

But, the truth is effective lean transformations require some level of math, whether it’s the often deceptively simple calculation of takt time, sizing kanbans, calculating process capability, or anything in between. It’s hard to get away from math-free lean and certainly math-free six sigma!

Lean Math is not intended to be some purely academic study and it does not pretend to be part of the heart and soul of lean principles. Rather, it’s a tool and a construct for thinking. Here we want to integrate lean math theories and examples with experimentation and application.

In the end, we hope the blog, along with its fledgling community, lives up to the tag line, “Figuring to improve.”

If you would like to know more about the blog please follow the link…….and keep an eye out for his new book.

Robert Chittenden

Author: Robert Chittenden

Robert Chittenden is a Senior Lean Consultant at TXM Lean Solutions