logoWestern Sydney Future Advanced Manufacturing (WSFAM) is an industry initiative being delivered by the University of Western Sydney to support a transformation of the industry through increased productivity, growth and sustainability. The program is a series of workshops across 7 topics and includes a website portal for the workshop content that is accessible to the course participants. The target audience is the SME sector.
‘Continuous Cost Reduction’ workshop is the 6th workshop in the series and will be lead by TXM Managing Director, Tim McLean on 21 August 2015 from 8am to 11am.
This workshop is aimed to assist attendees identify methodologies to develop continuous improvement through lean manufacturing methodologies and business re-engineering. The workshop shows how complexity and poor process can drive increasing cost in growing businesses and destroy margins and cash flow. It will demonstrate how you can develop a practical lean action plan to address these challenges and drive an ongoing cost reduction and margin improvement as your business grows. Learn how to drive reduction and waste across your business and build it into the business as a part of everyday, normal activity, not just a once-off cost-reduction drive.
Key questions or areas to be covered:

  • Why costs grow faster than sales killing margins and cash flow.
  •  Connecting Strategy to Lean in order to drive the right improvements.
  • Aligning your leadership and your people behind improvement in costs and margins.
  • Creating sustained improvement rather than just one off improvement
The workshop will feature a case study from Roband Australia, who have transformed their operational performance with a Lean plant layout.
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TXM Managing Director, Tim McLean will be one of the keynote speakers at the Food and Drink Business “Disruptive Innovation” Forum at Randwick Racecourse in Sydney on 13 August.






The event aims to bring successful thought leaders and industry experts in the food and beverage industry to dissect disruption and what it means for production flexibility and market responsiveness. Topics will include lessons from start ups, creating consumer insight driven product and packaging design and how to use digital printing to increase consumer engagement.

Tim’s talk will focus on ‘Lean thinking’ and lean processes that allow companies to respond more rapidly to changes in the market. Through case studies and examples, Tim will show how a focus on Lean as a tool to deliver maximum customer value can delight customers unlock rapid growth in your business.

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construction imageTXM Lean Solutions has extensive experience in applying Lean Construction thinking in a diverse range of construction businesses involved on site and off site construction, engineering design , equipment hire, civil construction, construction materials and resources construction.

The Global Lean Construction Conference (IGLC) is the worlds leading conference on advances in construction practices, innovative technologies and first class research. The theme for Construct15 is “Global Knowledge-Global Solutions” which reflects the importance of shared knowledge for industry improvements.

Over four days Construct15 will bring together the best of world lean construction experts and practitioners. The conference will include presentations of best practices, key leader panel discussions, significant case studies, workshops, professional and academic papers and product demonstrations.  You will have an exceptional opportunity to share in how TXM and other construction professionals are addressing the major challenges confronting the construction industry.

Tim Mclean, director of TXM Lean Solutions will be joined by colleagues at the TXM exhibit at the Construct15 – Global Knowledge, Global Solutions Conference which is being held from 28-31 July 2015 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.



The next Best Practice Network – Special Interest Group will be at the Mondelez Food Innovation Centre in Ringwood, Victoria on 7 July 2015. The session will focus on how to collaborate and co-create to grow your food or beverage business for sustained growth.

The Mondelez Food Innovation Centre boasts some of the most advanced technology in the world for development of food and packaging.
The Mondelez Food Innovation Centre boasts some of the most advanced technology in the world for development of food and packaging including the ability to create a “virtual supermarket shelf”.

Together with the Victorian Government, Mondelez International recently opened its  Food Innovation Centre (FIC) at Ringwood, Victoria, following the company’s largest ever investment in new technologies and innovations. To underpin the survival and renewal of our food manufacturing sector, the centre is focused on unlocking consumer insights and product innovation for export into Asian markets where demand is increasing, and opportunities are significant. The centre is a boost for Victorian food manufacturing innovation. This is your opportunity to come and see how our approach to Innovation through collaboration and co-creation can enable your business for sustained growth

The tour of the FIC will cover:

  • An introduction to the vision and mission of the Food Innovation Centre (world first innovation business model)
  • An overview of our latest Asian insights (East is not West)
  • A tour and immersion into world class innovation capabilities that can fast track your innovation and new product development projects such as Virtual Reality through virtual store and industrial design studio with 3D printing
  • An educational summary on related workshops, training programs and tertiary courses that are available

The presenter of this event, Angeline Achariya General Manager, Food Innovation Centre, has pioneered the vision and execution of the Food Innovation Centre to be a one stop innovation hub with its objective to unlock consumer insights and innovation for export into Asian markets. Through collaborative programs her focus is to connect SMEs, people, state, federal governments, industry, higher education and technology. Angeline’s career in the food industry has spanned from small business, consultancy to blue chip FMCG companies like Masterfoods, Japan’s part of the MARS group; Fonterra, Yum! Brands (owners of KFC, Pizza Hut & Taco Bell). Angeline is very strong in consumer centric design,

Food innovation centre
Advance packaging design at the Food Innovation Centre

front end innovation development, defining and implementing strategic direction for both operating plan and long term innovation imperatives

TXM WIIN Lean for Food Industry - Cerebos Martin Hiziak3 June 2015 – Sugar Australia – Yarraville Refinery – Melbourne

Over the last decade, a perfect storm has gathered to challenge our food safety systems. The storm includes new disease agents; an increasingly globalized food supply chain; changes in population; and new dietary patterns and demands. Consumers are now red- hot over labeling, food sources and quality.

This is an opportunity for Food Safety and Quality personnel to come together to share your experiences.

The session will be lead by Ruth Oakley – a very knowledgeable consultant who has many years of global experience in this area. Ruth will be aiming to foster a discussion on how participants do internal audits at their own organisation, reporting tools used, success stories.

Topics will cover:

  • Discussion on what participants are aiming to get out of the day
  • Debate on verification – differences between verification and validation.
  • Different methods of verification – how they can be used to tell us if theFood Safety System is working….or not!
  • Types of data that can be used.
  • Internal audits as verification tools, both system and compliance.

    Plant Tour and Audit

    As part of the day participants will do a tour of the Yarraville plant and examine some aspects of their food safety systems – e.g. cleaning and sanitation, Plant GMP, Personnel GMP in an area of the plant

    Participant Pre- Preparation

    Participants are asked to prepare a 5-minute presentation (with bullet points on a single flip chart) to share with the group

    • What has been the most effective tool you have used to help improve Food Safety in your plant?

    • Why do you think it worked?
    • If you did it again, would you do anything differently?

    Sugar Australia – Yarraville Refinery

    Sugar Australia’s Yarraville Refinery in Melbourne is Australia’s longest- established sugar refinery. Many modifications have been made to the site and process over the years to provide efficient and highly-automated production and packaging of a broad range of refined sugar products. The Yarraville Refinery can produce up to 300,000 tonnes per annum. Raw sugar for the Yarraville refinery is sourced from Queensland where it has been milled from Australian -grown sugar cane.

    A substantial amount of refined sugar is delivered to customers in bulk road tankers in both crystal and liquid form. Yarraville produces a wide range of packaged sugar products including retail 1kg and 2kg white sugar in paper packets, retail white sugar in plastic packets, 15kg bags for the food service industry, 25kg bags and 1 tonne bulk bags for industrial customers, liquid sugar, invert syrup, golden syrup, treacle and brown sugars in a range of retail and industrial pack sizes.

    Facilitator -Ruth Oakley

  • 35 years experience in Quality and Food Safety management
  • Has worked with organisations including Schweppes, Cadbury, Coca Cola, Mars, Mondelez,Amcor, Orora.
  • Held national Quality and Food Safety roles for global beverage and food packagingmanufacturers.
  • 10 years experience in 3rd party certification food safety audits for packaging manufacturersand global food companies in Asia and Oceania.
  • Experience of many different approaches, “the good, the bad and the ugly”!


    Food Safety Specialists ,Quality Managers, Plant personnel and Continuous Improvement Leaders

TXM Stand at Austech 2013
TXM Stand at Austech

TXM Lean Consultants will bring to this year’s Austech Exhibition a fresh perspective on improving manufacturing efficiencies with the release of a book and business network.

“Grow Your Factory, Grow Your Profits: Lean for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises”, by Tim McLean, Managing Director of TXM Lean Consultants takes a new approach to advising small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on the benefits that Lean methodologies can deliver.

Many manufacturing businesses believe that Lean is for ‘big business’ and not relevant to them, but Mr McLean shows with case studies and practical solutions that all SMEs can overcome obstacles and grow.

McLean’s experience as a manager and Lean consultant for 25 years has given him extensive insight into what Lean methodologies can achieve for small and medium manufacturing enterprises.

In his book, Mr McLean explains how to identify and fix the root causes of manufacturing bottlenecks; develop your team, reduce lead times and delight customers; optimise factory space and production flow; improve margins and decrease expenditure.

McLean believes that by adopting Lean methodologies, owners and senior management can release themselves from day-to-day ‘crisis management’ in order to lead the growth of the business.

“This is not a book about Lean manufacturing, it’s about what happens when SMEs grow and the problems they run into and how Lean can help overcome them. This is not a tools and techniques book, but real examples of how it works,” said Mr McLean.

Visitors to Austech will be able to see the book, meet the author and even obtain a signed copy at Stand 503.

To further showcase how Lean manufacturing can benefit manufacturing enterprises, TXM have launched Best Practice Network.

Dowell Windows Best practice network
Best Practice Network participants Learning on the “Gemba” at Dowell Windows.

Best Practice Network brings together like-minded organisations to share learning, expertise, experience and resources. It provides members with opportunities to see how other companies have addressed common challenges ranging from food safety, product development, plant layout to Lean leadership and share their own experiences.

“I have never been on a site visit where participants have not seen or learnt something new that has been of value to them. I often hear some of our longest serving and most skilled associates comment that they are so familiar with our way of working that they need to see different sites to properly challenge their thinking. As a host, it is terrific to have the input from a fresh set of eyes on a situation that we live every day,” said Will Day, Director of Leica Biosystems.

This is a new benchmark in business networking for Australia and draws on the strengths and contacts of TXM to provide members with a wealth of information and networking opportunities.

“Our unique approach to business networking allows members to learn firsthand how others are resolving business problems,” said Best Practice Network Director, Victor Caune. “Engaging with peers to share industry practices will help resolve your business problems that will enable the company to grow and prosper.”

Mr McLean and Mr Caune will be joined by colleagues from TXM Lean Consultants for the Austech Exhibition, which will take place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 26 – 29 May, 2015 at stand 503. At the stand you can learn more about the book, the Best Practice Network and how Lean Manufacturing can transform your business performance.


3D printing
3D Printing at Invetech



Small Logo BPN




Come and see how one company, Invetech, are utilising 3D printing as an integral part of their product development processes. The next Best Practice Network event will be at Invetech in Mount Waverley on Wednesday 22 April 2015.

The RMIT Centre for Additive Manufacturing (RCAM) has been at the forefront of 3D technology. Professor Milan Brandt will give a broader overview of how industry is currently using 3D printing and the benefits it brings.

  • Short lead time
  • Less material waste
  • Complex geometry
  • Light weighting
  • Manipulation of structure – manufacture   for   design
  • Cost Reduction
  • Worn/damaged and corroded profiles can be restored to     their original shape and performance integrity

Invetech is a leading product realisation company specialising in the development and manufacture of complex diagnostics instruments and devices. Inherent in their design and engineering process is the use of rapid prototyping (3D printing) to help accelerate development schedules.

They utilize 3D printing at multiple stages in their development process including the use of:

  • Entry level Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) for quick iteration of prototypes and test beds
  • Objet printing (Polyjet technology) for appearance models or where finer details are required on prototyping
  • Outsourcing of 3D printing services for specialised functions such as metals, transparent materials, or where higher strength and durability is required.

Their sister company, Leica Biosystems, is also applying 3D printing technology to its manufacturing process, achieving significant cost of goods savings by unifying complex components into single printed parts.

Tim at AME
TXM Managing Director, Tim McLean presenting at the recent AME Conference

TXM Managing Director, Tim McLean was recently interviewed by Sean Smith, the business editor of The West Australian newspaper in Perth. Tim shared his optimistic view of the future of high technology manufacturing in Australia. In particular Tim aimed to counter the perception that Australia is inherently bad at manufacturing. In fact, as the TXM team’s international projects attest, Australian manufacturing knowhow is highly sought after in Asia.

The interview occured on the sidelines of the recent Association for Manufacturing Excellence conference in Perth where Tim was a keynote presenter on the topic of Lean for Small and Medium Sized Manufacturing Enterprises.



Jim Watkins Award
Jim Watkins Award winner and Best Practice Network Director, Victor Caune (centre) with TXM Consulting Director, Anthony Clyne (left) and Managing Director, Tim McLean (right)

TXM congratulates Victor Caune, the Director of our new Best Practice Network for winning the 2015 Jim Watkins Award.

The Jim Watkins Award is awarded every year to an individual or company who has made an exceptional contribution to the cause of Australian Manufacturing and Operational Excellence. Victor’s award reflected his career long commitment to manufacturing, lean and, especially, promoting networking and sharing between businesses. In the past 20 years, Victor has dedicated much of his time to building connections between companies and individuals in order to further the cause of Operational Excellence and Lean.

With Best Practice Network, Victor has had an immediate impact with a rapidly growing list of member companies and an outstanding program of events already in place at some of Australia’s most admired industrial companies including Toyota, General Motors, Leica Microsystems, PPG, Fonterra and Lyondell Basell.

Learn About the Next Best Practice Network Events

Small Logo BPNInaugural Event at Dowell Windows and Doors

TXM was proud to launch our latest venture, the Best Practice Network, with a Senior Leaders Breakfast and factory tour at Dowell Windows and Doors in Bayswater, Victoria on Thursday 29 January. The event was attended by a group of senior manufacturing leaders from some of Australia’s leading industrial companies including PPG, Mondelez, Boral, CSR, Britax, Fonterra, ITW, Zenith Interiors and Olex Cables. Participants toured the Dowell site and were impressed by the standards of 5S, Dowell’s use of Visual Management and the effective use of “GoPro” cameras and time lapse photography to analyse production processes.

About the Best Practice Network

Dowell Best Practice Event
Learning from the Gemba at the Best Practice Network event at Dowell Windows on 29 January.

Being globally competitive doesn’t just happen – it requires open, challenging minds to continually strive for best practices. To help you meet this objective, we are offering our valued clients the opportunity to join our new industry based network service – the Best Practice Network. This is a new concept in business networking systems for Australian industry. Our distinctive methodology combines learning from your peers, the industry and the TXM Lean Solutions global network.

Our unique approach sets a new benchmark in business networking. Visit other companies to learn first hand, share industry practices and learn from International improvement experts. Actively collaborating will challenge and inspire you and your team to achieve more. Why work in isolation reinventing the wheel? Engage with your peers to access vital information quickly, help your business solve problems, and enable you to find better ways to grow the excellence inside your organisation.