AME Australia Event Showcases Lean Transformation

TXM Customer, Ronson Gears in Highett, Victoria, Australia will be the hosts of a half-day Lean Learning event run by the Association of Manufacturing Excellence (AME) on 19 September. The AME is the peak body for Manufacturing Excellence in Australia. Ronson Gears won the Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement Award at the 2013 Endeavour Awards.

Founded in 1954, Ronson Gears manufactures gears for the aerospace, agriculture, automotive, defence, energy, medical, mining and rail industries. The business specialises in the manufacture of spur, helical, internal, and bevel gears, splines and gear racks amongst many other power transmission products. Ronson Gears needed to profitably grow its business and improve internal systems and processes. The business sought external advice from Enterprise Connect to develop achievable goals and structure the business to enable sustainable growth. The visit will focus on the journey Ronson Gears has taken, introducing lean principles to reduce batch size and improve visibility, increasing exports by 272% through a targeted marketing strategy, and strategic plant purchases to improve control over lead times.
Participants will learn and see how these changes have helped Ronson achieve a Lean transformation and deliver increased revenue and profit in this tough financial market. They will also have the opportunity to participate in an interactive coaching session on lean principles. The lean workshop will be presented by TXM Senior Consultant, Robert Chittenden, who coached Ronson Gears through their lean transformation.

TXM is pleased to present the following workshop in collaboration with our partners, Business Improvement Consultants, Roaring Success.

How do you create a lean office? How is possible that some ­­companies are able reduce waste by 20% to 40%, reduce cost  by tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and add value – faster, easier, and be more productive – whilst others find it really tough? TXM will present simple techniques to help you achieve this improvement in your business processes.

Key benefits of attending:

Reduce Waste : Add Value
Learn how to find and evaluate the waste in our business.
Learn how to redesign your processes to increase productivity.
Learn how to slash lead-times and delight your customers.

The session is aimed at companies who wish to reduce the office based waste and add value in their office environments.

It will be of interest to General Managers, Finance Managers, Operations Managers and business owners who need to run their business profitably.

Anthony Clyne, of TXM Lean Solutions, is an expert on lean office improvement. Anthony will explain how participants can achieve fantastic results similar to other companies that he has helped.

His past successes include:

  • Reducing the lead-time for office based staff to take and manage customer ordersfrom a week down to 7 hours (Achieved at a buildings product manufacturer)
  •  Accelerating new product development to launch 400% more new product lines
  • (Achieved at a food retailing company)
  •  Ensuring end of month accounts are 100% accurate and ready by Day 3 at 4pm,
  • without exceeding a 10 hour day
  • (Achieved at an Australian division of a S&P 500 company)

Reduce Waste : Add Value

When:  12th September, 8:30am to noon.
Where:  574 Plummer Street, Port Melbourne.
Full details are in the attachment.

TXM Managing Director, Tim McLean will be one of the keynote speakers at the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE) Australia Annual conference at the Rex Hotel in Canberra on 9-10 September 2013.

Read more about the ISPE Conference in Canberra, Australia September 9-10, 2013

Tim will talk about lean manufacturing approaches to managing projects in the pharmaceutical industry. Tim’s presentation will focus on making projects Lean from the ground up. Pharmaceutical projects are typically designed and justified on localised business improvement outcomes. However, often these benefits to not flow to the bottom line of the organisation because the localised improvement does not translate to an improvement in overall operational improvement. In addition, an excessive focus on the hardware and engineering considerations of a project and a failure to consider the human aspects of project can often mean that the planned benefits are not achieved in reality or that unexpected costs arise when the plant is put in to production. Tim will present a practical in depth workshop which will show how pharmaceutical operations can build lean thinking in to each step of a plant or laboratory upgrade to ensure that the return on investment is maximized and flows through to the bottom line of the business in full.

TXM Managing Director, Tim Mclean and China Consulting Director, Justin Tao recently teamed up to provide an article for the June/July 2013 issue of popular China-focused magazine, Australia-China Connections. The article discusses the challenges of trying to achieve change in a Chinese cultural context and ways to overcome these challenges. The article is the first in a series of articles by TXM to appear in Australia China Connections over the next year. The next TXM article will be in the October/November issue.

Download our article here:

Australia China Connections magazine, now in it’s 12th year, is published bi-monthly and provides essential insight into the changing relationship between Australia and China and its implications for businesses that prosper between the two countries.

With an extensive mix of news and analysis, case studies of companies that have been successful doing bilateral business, contributions from top officials and academics, and the latest statistics and figures, Australia China Connections keeps readers fully up to date on issues and events that impact the business and political relationship between Australia and China.

Australia China Connections  readers represent the full breadth of the Australia China Community in Australia as well as in China and Hong Kong. They are drawn from business and trade, government, education, and cultural sectors. They are interested in all aspects of the Australia China relationship and are from within the Federal, State and Local governments in Australia and China, as well as senior decision makers from the business community and education in both countries.

Australia China Connections Magazine can be found in Qantas Business Lounges, in Australian Government Office in China, at Australian Chambers of Commerce or you can subscribe

Gavin New, Ronson Gears’ Marketing Manager Accepts the Award from Deborah Anton, Head of Division, Enterprise Connect

A highlight of Austech 2013 was learning that one of our customers, Ronson Gears, was the winner of the Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement Award at the annual Endeavour Awards. The award recognised for implementation of lean manufacturing that directly leads to an increase in sales exports and productivity. Ronson is a manufacturer of high-quality metal gears and has worked with TXM Senior Consultant over the course of 2012 to implement a lean production system.

“Traditionally, orders would tie up machines for a week at a time, holding up other work and bringing everything to a standstill. The reduction of batch sizes enabled us to deliver gearing to our bigger customers on time, more regularly,” explained Gavin New, Ronson Gears’ marketing manager.

The Endeavour Awards are one of the peak national awards for Manufacturers in Australia with the Significant Achievement Award the top award on the night.

Enterprise Connect is an Australian Federal Government program that offers comprehensive, confidential advice and support to eligible Australian small and medium businesses to help them transform and reach their full potential.

Ronson’s achievements and TXM’s role in helping achieve these were featured in Manufacturers Monthly Magazine.

Link to the Manufacturers Monthly Article.

Congratulations to Ronson Gears!

Well done to Rob Chittenden supporting their achievement.

Read More about the TXM Support at Ronson Gears

TXM celebrated the milestone of exhibiting at our fifth Austech/National Manufacturing Week show with record numbers visiting our stand at the Austech 2013 Exhibition in Melbourne last month. Almost 200 manufacturers from a huge range of Industries across Australia visited the TXM stand over the four days. Manufacturers facing a high dollar, high wages and rising energy costs are continuing to look to lean manufacturing as a way to stay competitive and grow their business in challenging times. This year our stand featured the range of lean tools available from our new on-line E-Store.

The stand also provided us a chance to catch up with many of the over 100 manufacturing companies that we have assisted over the past eight years. The value we have offered the Exhibition over the years was recognised with TXM being one of a small handful of exhibitors featured in the official show brochure. We are already down for the next Austech Show, so if you missed us this year, look out for us at the next Austech Show and other manufacturing events around Australia.

TXM Director, Tim McLean at the TXM Stand at Austech 2013
The Beckers Group Coatings Plant in Guangzhou, China

Beckers Group is a leading global manufacturer of high quality industrial coatings. TXM has worked with Beckers over the past two years to use lean manufacturing techniques to improve their lead time and reduce their inventory in manufacture of a range of coatings used in consumer electronics. Working with TXM the Beckers team reduced lead time at every step from the receipt of the customer order to shipment of the finished coatings. As a result Beckers now can consistently offer the best service in the market with a 60% reduction in lead time from their previous level. Even better the reduced lead time has allowed Beckers to reduce their inventory by 50%.

Read the full Beckers Case study here

Please find below a link to the flyer and registration form for a very interesting workshop that we are running from 15.00 – 18.30 on 2 July at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Pudong East. The workshop provides a unique opportunity for Lean Co-ordinators and Lean Managers working in China to learn from one of the most experienced Lean experts in the Asia Pacific region and to share their own experiences and the challenges of implementing change through Lean.

May 7 – 10 is National Manufacturing Week and Austech at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Come along to see all of the latest machinery and equipment, as well as the cool stuff like 3-D printing and NC Routers and laser cutters.

Don’t forget to drop by TXM Lean Solutions at stand 501 (right in the middle of both shows). You can talk with Australia’s leading lean facilitators to see how you can get more out of your business.  Talk to us about getting your housekeeping practices up and running, documenting processes, and establishing the skills you need to grow your company over the next 12 months.

Our stand this year will be focusing on three  main Lean Enterprise concepts:

1. Practical 5S™ that creates organised standardised and efficient workplaces with visual controls.

2. Lean Daily Leadership Process®  that helps develop front line leaders and empower them and their teams to solve problems and improve performance.

3. Solving Problems Every Day® provides the organisation with quick and effective root cause analysis and problem-solving skills to enable problems to be dealt with on the shop floor and to drive continuous improvement actions.

See you at the show.

Setting up the TXM Stand 501