TXM Consulting Director Anthony Clyne tosses the coin while St Kilda and Geelong Captains and the umpire look on

TXM Consulting Director, Anthony Clyne, kicked off the 2012 AFL Season for St Kilda by tossing the coin at the start of their NAB Cup Pre-season game against Geelong. Anthony had the chance to talk to St Kilda Captain, Brendon Goddard and explain to him the finer points of Lean Manufacturing. Brendan was particularly interested in the seven wastes, and could see opportunities to reduce waiting times during AFL games by eliminating ad breaks and time wasting by umpires.

Anthony offered to facilitate a brief session on lean principles and particularly, the Four Rules of Toyota, in the team rooms before the game. Unfortunately new St Kilda Coach, Scott Watters turned down this offer, preferring to focus on football tactics and motivational talks instead.

Nevertheless Anthony greatly enjoyed the experience of tossing the coin to get the game underway and is looking forward to an exciting 2012 season (or would be looking forward to an exciting 2012 season if he didn’t follow St Kilda)

“VIsual Control” of ingredients have made this Baker’s job easier and more efficient

TXM Director, Tim McLean will be a keynote speaker at the 2012 Baking Industry Easter in the Food Bowl Event in Shepparton in Central Victoria, Australia on 25 February. Tim will share some of TXM’s experience in applying Lean Manufacturing in the baking industry. TXM has considerable experience at implementing lean manufacturing in the food industry and a long relationship with the Baking Industry through the Baking Industry Association of Victoria (BIAV), who have organised this event.

To find out more about this event go to the BIAV website 

View a Case Study of TXM Lean Manufacturing implementation in a Bakery

TXM Director, Tim McLean was one of the speakers at the 4th Supply Chain Management Conference in Sydney on 5 December 2011. Tim spoke provided the audience of Senior Supply Chain professionals with practical lean supply chain solutions to optimise  global supply chains and presented case studies that demonstrated how these concepts could be applied.

Tim then engaged the audience in a new simulation game that demonstrated the difference between traditional, purely forecast driven replenishment and lean supply chain approaches in extended supply chains. The simulation clearly demonstrates how using lean approaches can reduce lead time, reduce inventory and improve customer on-time delivery in extended supply chains. In particular it shows how increasing replenishment frequency and using an “every part every shipment” approach can dramatically reduce supply chain risk without adding logistics cost.

To learn more about applying lean in the extended supply chain, look at the the following articles and case studies:

TXM Director, Tim McLean has a busy week in China in late November. Tim is discussing the challenges that Chinese Manufacturing operations are increasingly facing with rising costs. Labour costs are rising by 20% per year, the exchange rate is slowly rising and other costs such as energy, land and construction are on the way up. Many Chinese factories have much room for improvement, however. Tim discussed these challenges and how to respond in a recent articles:

Now Tim will present in person TXM research in to the cost problem and potential solutions for businesses manufacturing and sourcing a wide range of goods in China.
Tim’s presentations will include:

Hobart – 13-14 September 2011

Sponsored By Enterprise Connect – Free of Charge for SME Food Manufacturers and Suppliers

Lean Enterprise has been proven over the past 25 years to be the most effective way to improve manufacturing performance.

TXM and Enterprise Connect are proud to bring you this two day workshop which will provide an opportunity for hands on in-depth learning of how this powerful approach can be applied to the food industry.

The workshop will be in two parts:

Day 1 – 13 September – Venue – Tasmanian Technopark, Hobart

An interactive all day workshop introducing lean concepts as they apply to the food industry including:

  • Improving housekeeping and organisation through 5S.
  • Engaging teams in measuring and improving performance.
  • Understanding your process using value stream mapping. Improving machine performance using TPM.

The day will involve a high degree of interaction and the use of simulations and applied examples to familiarise participants with key concepts.

Day 2 – 14 September – Venue – Houston’s Farm, Cambridge

Day 2 will provide an opportunity to visit the Houston’s Farm fresh salad processing plant and learn about their lean journey.

The majority of the day however will give you the chance to work alongside the Houstons’ Farm team solving real world problems using structured problem solving techniques. If seeing is believing then doing is understanding!

Participants will learn how to solve day to day operational problems including quality and reliability issues by:

  • Finding the root cause and using simple, fast and effective root cause analysis techniques.
  • Working as a team to agree solutions.
  • Recording the problem and tracking the results using simple magnetic “concern strips”.
The Workshops will be lead by TXM Principal Consultant Anthony Clyne – Link to Anthony’s Profile


TXM has been awarded a major grant from the Enterprise Connect Workshops, Industry Intelligence and Networking program to run five, two-day interactive workshops for the Food Industry. These workshops will run in:

  • Hobart – 13-14 September     –

Day One for each workshop will be an interactive workshop introducing lean concepts as they apply to the food industry.

Day Two will be an on-site workshop held at a local food products manufacturer. This will give participants a chance to learn how a local manufacturer is applying lean principles and to get “hands-on” applying lean enterprise techniques to solve real problems in a manufacturing environment.




These events are supported by Enterprise Connect. Enterprise Connect is a $50 million a year Australian Government initiative that provides support to eligible Australian small and medium sized businesses. For more information visit www.enterpriseconnect.gov.au or call the Hotline on 131 791.”

Anthony Clyne

TXM Principal Consultant, Anthony Clyne, will be facilitating a half day workshop at the Operational Excellence National Forum in Melbourne on 19 September 2011. Anthony’s workshop will be on “Standard Work, Routine Day, Smart Day” and will provide Operations Managers and Front Line leaders the tools to manage their day using standard work principles.

Learn more about the Operational Excellence National Forum


I recommend you catch this webinar. Jim is a good speaker and understands the Toyota leadership way.

The good thing about being in our time zone is we can watch the replay. Simply register, and then receive a link by email and watch it next week at your convenience.  Webinar start at 4am Friday morning is a bit difficult (2 am in China). If you have any questions, just ask this forum and Jim might test our understanding.

There is also a big awareness push on this topic, check out John Shook’s Newsletter

Link to John Shook’s newsletter is : Select here