The Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence Program (LfME) run by the Geelong Manufacturing Council is supported by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Environment and Resources as part of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

Running since 2012 the program has seen over 100 businesses through the course with completed final projects saving businesses on average $300,000 each. It helps coach and train the future generation of manufacturing business leaders.

During the program participants can expect to learn how to:

  • Develop their personal leadership skills to engage teams and achieve better results
  • Apply Lean concepts in manufacturing during interactive workshops
  • Discover strategies to improve team culture and learn how to facilitate their own teams to develop a performance culture in the workplace
  • Identify, plan and lead a business improvement project incorporating Lean methodologies and Leadership Program learnings.

The 2020 LfME program ran slightly differently due to the persistent conditions throughout the year with reduced face-to-face numbers and virtual on-site coaching used to facilitate most of the course work. The changes didn’t hamper the results with companies involved seeing excellent results from their final projects.

Although 2020 has been a year of ups and downs the LfME program was able to host the final presentations on December 9th at the Rydges Conference Centre.

The 2020 Winners

FormFlow: Samaritan house modular unit manufacturing blueprint. Creating a standardised manufacturing process for building modular homes in shorter lead times, increasing capacity and enabling modular homes to be easily built where-ever the location, whoever the builder. Reduced build time from 60 days to 18 days resulting in 300% increase in revenue.

CMTP: Analysed working and break patterns to find solution to improve output by 6%. Changes to break times, implementation of daily scheduling board resulted in increased output of $80-$100k per machine/year.

Boundary Bend: Improved safety and equipment accessibility of the bottling plant’s depalletising area. Simple and quick to implement solutions created an estimated 5% productivity increase.

Coach’s Award

Sectrol: Through introduction and implementation of several techniques learned during the program, the team identified that a number of steps should be taken prior to the decision to purchase new software. Continued 5S, energy audits and gaining owner & management support are consistently being used as continuous improvement tools.

Congratulations to the winners and to each and every one of the participants for this year’s Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence Program for what was an unorthodox year full of challenges and new learnings. TXM will be participating in the 2021 program with a keen interest in helping businesses in the Geelong area.

Bruno Dury Joins TXM In France

Bruno Dury joins TXM with over 30 years experience in Lean & Operational Excellence implementations.

TXM Lean Solutions are pleased to announce the appointment of Bruno Dury to our French Team. Bruno joins TXM with over 30 years of industry experience across France as a Lean/Operational Excellence Consultant.

Bruno has over 30 years experience in process improvement and transformation starting his career with Areva in the Nuclear Industry where he honed his skills as a Method Manager. Bruno has since worked at Alstrom where he was Lean Leader & implemented the APS (Advanced Production System). It is a continuous improvement approach based on the principles of Lean Manufacturing and run by over 350 people across multiple sites.

Bruno then worked at General Electric responsible for coordinating quality assurance and the establishment of 3 units across the Villeurbanne and St Priest Sites. Whilst head of the quality department he oversaw 15 employees looking after customer quality, production quality, supplier quality and quality assurance.

Bruno will be helping our clients across Europe with a focus on France. His extensive experience of Lean and Operational Excellence will be invaluable for our clients and wider consulting team. We would like to welcome Bruno into the TXM Team!

If you would like to speak with Bruno or would like him to assess your business give TXM an obligation free call or submit an enquiry.

Senior Lean Consultant Rob Chittenden Celebrates 10 years with TXM

Senior Lean Consultant Rob Chittenden celebrates 10 years with TXM this month.

October 2020 marks ten years with TXM for Melbourne based Senior Consultant, Rob Chittenden.

Rob joined TXM after a career as an Operations and Production Manager in leading manufacturers. A key adjustment for Rob moving from management to Lean coaching was learning the skills of “leading without power”. Lean consultants work solely through influencing others, which contrasts to the inherent position power that comes with line management roles. Learning to “lead without power” was initially a challenge, but it is now a strength for Rob.

It has given him the confidence to transform businesses to achieve big and lasting results using Lean. Robert has developed his own highly effective style of consulting and his confidence is evident in the way that he speaks about his time with TXM.  “The relationship with customers” says Robert, “is the key to success. This enables customers faced with major change to believe that they ‘can do it’. There is a lot of project management involved along with communicating to customers how improvements can be made in a way that makes sense for them and their business”.

Rob’s time in aerospace provided him with a good background. Aerospace companies were early adopters in the 1980s of streamlining processes, integration, adopting digital systems and using software. All of this proved applicable to the smaller businesses that were the staple of Rob’s earlier consulting work at TXM. Changing from a full-time employee of a big corporate organisation was a transitional time for Robert as he joined TXM, but he adapted into the consultancy role and it has been a good fit for his skills and abilities.

Rob’s First Project: Ronson Gears


Rob’s first project with TXM was with Melbourne based precision engineering company, Ronson Gears. The project was so successful that it went on to win the “Enterprise Connect Best Project” award at the 2013 Endeavour Awards. After that Rob has become an expert in applying lean in metal manufacturing. However, his experience has gone well beyond that industry to companies in food, agriculture, wood products, modular building, packaging, chemicals, distribution, warehousing, printing and equipment hire industries to just name a few.

Robert likes the variety of work, the travel and the different locations and countries that he has worked in. At Kingston Estate Wines Rob worked in a remote part of South Australia to coach the team there to use 5S to reduce overprocessing and double handling that was doubling costs.

Highlights from 10 Years with TXM

A major highlight for Rob has been his role in the Victorian Regional Manufacturing Clusters program. TXM partnered with Ai Group who were contracted to deliver coaching support to 100 regional Victorian business. This two-year project saw Robert working with 30 different small and medium sized businesses in Shepparton, Bendigo, Horsham and Echuca.  Rob enjoyed travelling the State and getting to know the businesses and the people running them. The small workshops focused on introduction to lean, improving their business performance using TXM methodology and building Lean foundations such as 5S.

Going to the UK on a work trip was another highlight but getting there was a long haul and knowingly driving past the Stone Hedge but not being able to see it from the road was a disappointment.

Robert is a keen cyclist and working in regional Victoria has given him an opportunity to spend hours exploring the area on his mountain bike. He packs his mountain bike on every regional and country trip. There was a job in Tasmania this year that he was looking forward to taking his bike on, but it didn’t eventuate due to Covid-19.  The lockdown time saw Robert learning how to sew face masks which then inspired him to take up quilting using the sewing machine. He is enjoying using the sewing machine which he says is quite a mechanical process.

During the lockdown Robert has had a leading role as TXM has innovated and adapted to using digital tools such as Zoom and the Miro “digital white board” to keep working with customers. This has enabled Rob to produce good project outcomes without going to sites.

What pleases Robert is that all of the jobs that he has worked on have led to businesses being happy with the results achieved. This has often meant savings for the companies which continue even after 5 years says Robert. “Sometimes you get more connected to a business that you are working on but there are limitations as you may only have a few days per month in a business. So, the challenge is to empower the business to take on the tasks and make the change themselves rather than doing it for them”, says Robert. “Sometimes you are adapting and flying with the business. Some companies like rules and some don’t but Lean is about setting and improving standards. Therefore, you need to be flexible in coaching the business to achieve their goals but still staying true to the Lean principles” Robert explains.

Always Helping TXM Stay Relevant to Our Customers

Over his 10 years with TXM, Robert has seen the development of TXM Lean material and methodologies grow to form effective tools to be used on the job. TXM has ventured into new fields such as agriculture, food and warehousing which are now staple customers.

Robert has also enjoyed working on bigger projects which have included other consultants. “You often don’t get a chance to work with your colleagues given the nature of consulting”, says Robert. He also appreciates the support that he has received through TXM’s ongoing professional development for consultants. This ranges from regular phone calls to review progress on his consulting work to consultant “in service” days where consultants from around the country get together to share their experiences and discuss common challenges. Rob finds this learning and sharing highly beneficial.

TXM Managing Director sums up Rob’s decade of experience by saying “Rob epitomises TXM values. He is highly professional and highly skilled, but also passionate about making lasting improvement for his customers. He is a Lean enthusiast that clearly enjoys what he does. He is constantly open to new ideas, innovative approaches and refining his consulting practice. We have really enjoyed working with Rob over the past 10 years and look forward to working with him to deliver success for TXM customers long into the future”.

Tim McLean Presenting on Industry 4.0 & Onshoring Your Manufacturing

TXM Lean Solutions Managing Director Tim McLean will be presenting two webinars for the Aus Industry Entrepreneurs’ Programme and Ai Group.

The webinars will delve into:

Lean & Industry 4.0 October 22 2020

  • How Industry 4.0 is coming to your business and why you must be prepared to capitalise on the opportunities it brings.
  • How new technology interacts with business processes and culture and the need to address all three aspects of operations.
  • How a technology enabled Lean value stream can enable businesses to localise manufacturing and create competitive advantage.
  • How Lean thinking can be used to identify new business models and enhance customer value.

Reserve Your Place via Eventbrite

Onshoring Your Manufacturing November 11 2020

  • What are the considerations about where to source?
  • What are the hidden costs (total) of extended Supply Chains?
  • What has changed that necessitates a re-evaluation of past sourcing decisions
  • What are the six steps required to successfully bring production home?

Both of these webinars are free but have limited places to ensure participants will be able to share their experiences, ask questions and discuss common issues & oportunities.

Reserve Your Place via Eventbrite

Further Information

For more information on this webinar please contact Paul Mason on [email protected]

Please note, this is a free Interactive Online Format series presented by TXM & hosted by the Aus Industry Entrepreneurs’ Programme and Ai Group.


Special Offer: TXM Clients Able to Join Best Practice Network Sessions

The Best Practice Network is one of Australia’s premier Business Networks catering to busineses in Australia and New Zealand. A membership to the network allows member organisations to attend a wide range of events and learn new ways of doing things from professionals from other industries.

Currently due to Coronavirus Best Practice Network are running a number of webinars and have invited TXM clients and non-clients to join these sessions. There are a limited number of places available so be sure to let us know which events you would like to attend.

They are known for providing high quality events for their members and the October sessions are no different with experts from their fields presenting on Lean Accounting, Supply Chain, Quality, Lean Problem Solving and an International Business Leaders Forum with Ricki Herbert & Cheryl Jekiel.

These sessions are not only great for learning new skills and ideas you can take back to your own business but also a great place to network with like minded professionals. Below are a list of the upcoming sessions you can join in on.

Best Practice Network October Sessions

Lean Accounting Webinar: Practicing Lean In Accounting

Tues 6 October 2020
11:00am (AEDT)

Presenter: Nick Katko, BMA The Lean Accounting Leaders
Host: Kevin Bennett, QLD/NSW, Best Practice Network

BPN Member Price: $90 +GST
TXM Client Price: $130 +GST
Public Price: $180 +GST

View Event Flyer

Grey Innovation + ANCA CNC Machines: An Aussie Supply Chain for Emergency Ventilators

Wed 7 October 2020
12:00pm (AEDT)

Presenters: Jefferson Harcourt, Grey Innovation and Mark Patman, ANCA CNC Machines
Host: Neil Hooke, VIC Facilitator Best Practice Network

TXM Clients & NAWO Members: 4 Free Places (first serve basis)
Partner Extra Places:
$65 +GST
Non Members: $90 +GST

View Event Flyer

International Quality Leaders Forum: Quality Beyond Compliance

Tues 13 October 2020
Time: 12:00pm (AEDT)

Presenter: Dr Cathy Balding, Director, Qualityworks
Host: Neil Hooke, VIC Facilitator Best Practice Network

TXM Clients & NAWO Members: 4 Free Places (first serve basis)
Partner Extra Places:
$65 +GST
Non Members: $90 +GST

View Event Flyer

Problem Solving Workshop – Session 1: Introduction to Lean Problem Solving

Wed 14 October 2020
Time: 12:00pm (AEDT)

Presenter: Neil Hooke, VIC Facilitator Best Practice Network
Host: Peter Davidson, NZ Facilitator, Best Practice Network

Best Practice Network Members: Included as part of your membership
Additional Member Places: $750 +GST
TXM Clients & NAWO Members: $750 +GST
Non Members: $1500 +GST

View Event Flyer

International Leaders Forum

Wed 21 October 2020
QLD: 4:00pm / NSW, VIC: 5:00pm / WA: 2:00pm Auckland, NZ: 7:00pm / London, UK: 7:00am Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: 1:00pm / Colomba, Sri Lanka: 11:30am

Host: Kevin Bennett, QLD/NSW Facilitator
Presenters: Ricki Herbert, Founder and Managing Director, The Ricki Herbert Football Academy & Cheryl Jekiel, CEO, Lean Leadership Center

Best Practice Network Members: Receive places in accordance with their membership level
Additional Member Places: $65 +GST
TXM Clients & NAWO Members: 4 Free Places (first serve basis)
Non Members: $90 +GST

View Event Flyer

How Do You Join?

If you would like to attend any of these sessions and don’t know if you are eligible please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]

Best Practice Network Future Events

View All Upcoming Events Here


TXM Consulting Team Back in Action

Consulting Director Anthony Clyne Coaching 8D Problem Solving and how to use the fish bone diagram to solve problems via video conferencing software.

After six months of disruption, the TXM team around the world are getting close to normal business as pandemic restrictions ease. Backed by our COVID-19 safety plan, our consultants are working with clients on site in most countries. As well our expertise in remote coaching is enabling us to keep projects going where on-site work is not possible.

READ: The Six Steps to Bring Your Production Back Home

In Australia, consultants are now delivering on site at all customers outside the remaining “COVID hot-spot” of Melbourne. In Melbourne, as infections fall we are looking forward to getting on-site consulting restarted if lock down restrictions ease as expected in late September. Interstate border restrictions are also impacting our customers.

However we are able to deliver services in Victoria, WA, NSW and Queensland with local TXM consultants, while our Melbourne team are effectively supporting customers in Tasmania and South Australia using remote coaching. In New Zealand, the recent brief lock down in Auckland is expected to end on Sunday and we expect delivery to get back to normal quickly then.

In the UK and France, our consultants are back on site and almost all customers are back to full operation. In North America, the more severe and lasting spread of infection and border restrictions between Canada and the US and between Canadian provinces is limiting the ability of our team to get to site. However as the situation, particularly in Canada improves, we hope to see the team out and about soon.

Despite the difficulties of the last few months, we have been impressed by the positive outlook of many of our customers. Many businesses, particularly in manufacturing, are busier than before the pandemic. Those that aren’t are seeing the current downturn as an opportunity to review their operations and make improvements to ensure that they come out of the recovery stronger than ever.

READ: Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis

To find out how we can help your business recover faster and be more competitive than ever get in touch with TXM.

Broccoli harvest underway at Harvest Moon

First of the TXM Webinar Series – Lean for Agriculture

Over the past 10 years TXM have worked with a range of businesses in the agricultural industry applying Lean Methodologies across all the usual agricultural processes including growing, harvesting, husbandry, processing, distribution and asset management.

We have an extensive knowledge of the horticulture, egg production, wine making and aquaculture industries from leading transformational changes in Australia, North America, France, China & the UK.

In the first of a series of webinars hosted by TXM, we will present the topic of Lean for Agriculture in webinar format with a question & answer session at the end.

Tim McLean will familiarise you to the key concepts of Lean and share practical ideas you can use, whilst introducing you to case studies of TXM projects that show the massive potential Lean Agriculture can unlock for your business.

Our webinar will give you ideas to help you address these issues and many other problems you might be facing in your business such as:

  • Increasing the productivity of your permanent and temporary labour
  • Improving your yields and reducing your product losses at critical times
  • Reducing your supply chain costs from paddock to the distribution centre
  • Meeting the demanding quality and delivery requirements of your corporate retailers

UNITED KINGDOM: Wednesday 16 September 2020 11am UK Time (GMT +1)

AUSTRALIA: Thursday 17 September 2020 12pm Australian Time (AEST)

Hosted by Tim McLean – TXM Managing Director

Tim grew up on a farm in rural New Zealand, before migrating to Australia and learning Lean thinking in manufacturing. Over the past decade Tim and the TXM team have leveraged this expertise into agriculture, working with some of Australia’s largest and most productive primary producers.

In the process TXM has developed world leading expertise in applying Lean Thinking to achieve breakthrough improvements in quality, yield and productivity in major agricultural businesses.

Stage 4 Restrictions and COVID Safe Plan Procedures Being Enforced Across Victoria


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Need Help Crafting your COVID Safe Plan?


Every Victorian employer must complete their COVID Safe plan by 11.59pm Friday 7 August 2020


Using innovative approaches developed by the TXM team for conducting workplace hygiene audits, TXM have developed a simple and effective method to help you prepare your COVID Safe plan. Our approach involves you looking at your workplace through specific lens to identify COVID safety risks across your business. We have also complied the TXM COVID Safe Plan of best practice procedures to identify and use on site in your business to minimise the exposure risk of you and your employees’ to COVID-19.

Our approach involves a virtual tour of your workplace followed by structured process of video coaching to help you identify potential risks and develop an effective customised solution for your business.

Nothing can ever guarantee that your business is completely free of infection risk, however working with TXM to develop a COVID Safe Plan can help provide you with the peace of mind that you have done the best you can to protect your employees and the community.

If you need help identifying and understanding your risks, contact TXM for an obligation free discussion about your on-site safety requirements.

TXM Covid Safe plan process starts at $2000 plus GST.


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Useful Links

Victorian Government Support Packages – The Business Support Package provides more support to help businesses and workers through to the other side of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Creating a COVID Safe workplace & COVID Safe Plan FAQs – Your COVID Safe Plan helps protect your workers, customers and visitors and to prepare for a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace.

COVID Safe Workplaces – Employee Information – Under the Stage 4 restrictions, there are new requirements for businesses. Certain services and industries will be able to remain operational and will be required by law to have a COVID Safe Plan. Employees have a responsibility to help create a COVID Safe workplace by following the rules set out by their employer.

COVID Safe Workplaces – Employer Information – Under the Stage 4 restrictions, there are new requirements for businesses. Certain services and industries will be able to remain operational, and will be required by law to have a COVID Safe Plan

Permitted Worker Scheme – Most workers will need to have a permit signed by employer and employee to make sure you have the right to move around during Stage 4 lock down. You can get the permit via the link.

New Consultant Joins TXM in France!

As part of our development in France and in Europe, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Guillaume Szewczyk as Consultant in Operational Excellence.

A graduate of INSA Lyon, Guillaume worked in the Renault Trucks factory in Bourg-en-Bresse as an industrialization engineer before joining Jolin in Wenzhou (China), to set up a Lean Manufacturing department.

He coached supervisors and department heads in Lean and Continuous Improvement techniques. Whilst in China, Guillaume then worked with a French producer of electrical equipment to configure quality assurance and validation systems for new suppliers.

Since his return to Lyon in 2017, Guillaume has been helping companies to industrialize new products and implement operational excellence procedures.

If you are based in Europe and need help to pilot Lean Transformation in your business, be sure to contact our French team on +33 805 08 11 07

Internationally Accredited Training for the ‘New Normal’

stand up meeting in a laboratory

The current climate means that you and your employees might be faced with downtime or looking to up-skill for the future recovery. This means you might be looking for workshops or courses that can teach new skills and provide you and your employees with growth and support.

A great way to support you and your employees is to educate and empower them to become better at their jobs. This can have the effect of boosting moral, increasing productivity and creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Here at TXM over the past few months we have seen the need for businesses of all shapes and sizes to adapt to the ‘new normal’ this might be though a new factory layout, supply chain management, our accelerated productivity program or accredited training. Our ISO18404 Lean Practitioner Program is designed to coach you to become a facilitator of change in your organisation.

Accredited to the International Standard ISO18404

TXM have recently received accreditation from global accreditation body, Exemplar Global, to deliver Lean Practitioner and Lean Leader Courses that comply with the international standard for Lean and Six Sigma, ISO18404.

Lean Practitioner & Lean Leader are the Lean equivalent to Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt levels respectively. The ISO18404 standard will provide Lean Practitioners & Leaders with a qualification that is assessed against a globally recognised standard, ISO18404.

The involvement of Exemplar Global means that our course delivery material and assessment procedures have a clear link back to the standard and have been independently assessed by a recognised international audit organisation.

In line with TXM values, the Lean Practitioner and Lean Leader courses will be based on proven TXM Lean approaches and be delivered by our own ISO18404 accredited Lean Experts.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Participants will be assessed on the practical project work that they do in their business, meaning that they have to show that they can deliver actual results in the workplace rather than just complete paperwork and exams.

We also have the ability to recognise prior learning in our assessments, providing experienced practitioners with the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognised qualification to back up their real world experience.

How Do I Participate

The course is currently available to our clients as an additional extra on top of your Lean deployment. It can be a great way to train employees in Lean to accelerate your Lean deployment and up-skill your teams. Alternatively we can run the course in-house for multiple people.

Contact TXM for more information.