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Latest Lean Video
Managing Your Inventory from Long Lead Time Suppliers
Do you have stock management issues from Long Lead Time Suppliers? Watch as Senior UK Consultant Lee Candy talks you through the how to manage these suppliers in this TXM Lean Minute.
Latest Lean Case Study
Sykes Racing: Lean for Customised Manufacturing
Sykes Racing create Olympic level row boats for competitive racing. Learn how TXM implemented Lean in a customised manufacturing setting with a new plant layout that helped to create a one piece flow increasing output.
Latest Lean Articles
New Lean Thinking: How Understanding Customer Value is Key to Disrupting Your Market
Understanding your customer is essential to being able to move quickly to changes in the market. Understanding the value you provide is the best way to stay ahead of the competition. Read as TXM Director Tim McLean explains his thoughts about finding value.
Latest News
TXM Lean Solutions welcomes Luciano Peloche Moraes as Senior Lean Consultant
TXM are pleased to announce the appointment of Luciano Peloche from Brazil as a TXM Senior Lean Consultant. Luciano joins us with over 20 years experience implementing Lean across small & large businesses internationally.
TXM Director Anthony Clyne Helps Ability Works Australia with Lean Thinking & Transformation
TXM Director Anthony Clyne took some time from his busy schedule to help Ability Works Australia with some pro-bono work. Helping them develop their Lean Processes.
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