TXM Customer Ronson Gears Lean Manufacturing Case Study Features on Their Blog

The Ronson Production Team Attend a Daily Standup Meeting, part of the TXM Lean Daily Leadership Process at Ronson

TXM customer, Ronson Gears were so pleased with the results they achieved working with TXM Consultant, Robert Chittenden, that they write a blog about it and featured the project in their newsletter, Gear Talk. It makes a great lean manufacturing case study for applying lean in a medium sized high technology machining business.

Link to Ronson Gears Blog about Lean Project

Ronson Gears are a leading manufacturer of precision gears and gearboxes with an established manufacturing plant in Melbourne’s south east. Ronson manufacture gears for a wide range of industries from building automation through to large gears for mining equipment. The business has an outstanding reputation for technical excellence quality and service.

TXM worked with Ronson over 2011 and early 2012 to improve the flow of production to enable Ronson to reduce lead times, increase productivity and improve delivery to customers. As the Ronson article attests, the project achieved its objectives and also lead to an improvement in the shop floor culture at Ronson with all team members gaining a greater degree of engagement in the improvement process and overall business performance.