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TXM Lean Minute – Display your Value Stream Maps in the Workplace

Displaying your current state value stream map near to the place where the work is done can unearth ideas and opportunities. Anthony Clyne explains in this TXM Lean Minute video how displaying your value stream map near where the work is actually done can lead to a better result for your business.

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TXM Lean Video – Why Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers Need to Implement Lean To Grow

Why do some small and medium sized manufacturers grow in to big businesses, while most stay small? Lean author Tim McLean shares insights from his book “Grow your Factory, Grow Your Profits” about what holds back so many small and medium sized businesses and how Lean can be the key to unlocking their growth potential.

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Don’t Understand Japanese Lean Jargon? Don’t Worry!

Have you noticed how many Lean consultants and speakers love to spice their language with Japanese words. Words like “Kanban” and “Kaizen” have almost entered the English language, but what about “nemawashi”, “hansei”, “yokoten” and “kaikaku”? What do these terms mean and does it really matter?.

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Lean originated with Toyota in Japan, but this does not mean that Lean is "Japanese"

Three Critical Elements of Coaching

TXM Senior Consultant, Rob Chittenden, looks at the critical elements of coaching to ensure we get the best out of people during our lean implementation. This coaching may occur between both the TXM Facilitator and key people within your business, as well as between your Lean Champion and team members.

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One Day Project Management Workshop – Countdown

One day public project management workshops are being rolled out across key locations around Australia by Kevin Bennett from TXM Lean Solutions. Countdown is a powerful, high-involvement project simulation in which teams assume roles at a fictional company with a critical need to improve their project management processes.

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Interactive Countdown Workshop

TXM Part of the world’s largest Liquefied Natural Gas event

TXM Director, Ron Spiteri, represented TXM Lean Solutions at LNG 18 to ensure that TXM maintain currency with the value drivers, needs, and direction of the industry. In doing so, TXM are able to innovate and ensure that they remain at the forefront of Lean Consulting in the Oil & Gas sector.

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Opening LNG18

As always, if any of these ideas has sparked off further interest, just give us a call on 1 300 165 606, from anywhere around Australia.

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