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Welcome to the TXM Newsletter for August 2014

… and we are looking forward to Spring!

We are excited to announce that TXM Director, Tim McLean will be running a workshop at the AME USA Conference, Florida in November. It is the worlds largest and most well attended annual Lean Manufacturing Conference. Tim’s workshop will be focused on Lean for Small and Medium sized Manufacturers. The lean workshop will be the launch of Tim’s forthcoming book, “Grow Your Factory – Grow Your Profits: Lean for Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers” which is due to be released in the US by Productivity Press later in 2014.


TXM Lean Minute Video – Levelling Production with Takt Time

When you make a simple mass produced product, leveling lean production is relatively easy. However for customised products it can be challenging to level production to meet the rate of customer demand (Takt time). This video provides some simple tips on how to do it.

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Lean prdouction takt time

TXM Lean Minute Video – The “I” to “U” of Lean Plant Layout

There are lots of different ways you can layout your plant. Lean Plant Layouts can include I, L, O, S and U shapes. In this TXM Lean Minute, Anthony Clyne discusses how an S-shaped Lean Plant Layout works effectively for long products, such as Sykes rowing boats.

Watch the Video…

LEan Plant Layout


CTCI Waterloo Lean Consulting Case Study

CTCI Waterloo, in Bathurst, NSW is a specialist in partitioning, particularly for wet areas such as bathroom lockers, showers and vanities. The company, now a subsidiary of Laminex, supplies Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The company manufacturers has regular product lines and a substantial amount of made to order contracts. Hear about how TXM helped them to reduce lead times.

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 Lean Consulting CTCI Waterloo


Identifying the Key Value Streams in Your Business

Beginning your Lean journey can be daunting, especially when “everything” seems to be going wrong and you don’t know where to start. The TXM Lean consultants suggest you begin by identifying your key value streams within your business and use this knowledge to target your initial improvements as you learn and develop the approach that will work with your business and team. Whether you are in manufacturing or service industry, identify how you add value to your customers will establish your value streams.

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 TXM lean consultants can help determine your value stream

“Lead with Respect” – Book Review

Michelle Brown reviews the new Lean textbook “Lead with Respect: a Novel of Lean Practice” by Michael Balle and Freddy Balle. Coming two years after The Lean Manager we catch up with Andy Ward again. He is now Vice President of the European operations and had turned his attention to a new plant, Nexplas, and one their IT suppliers, Southcape Software. Southcape’s CEO is Jane Delany and she is dragged into Andy’s Lean world kicking and screaming but desperate to save the relationship between their two companies.

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Lead with Respect a novel of Lean practice


Tim heads to the United States to run a Lean Workshop at the AME USA Conference in Florida

TXM Director Tim McLean has been granted the rare (for an Australian) privilege of running a workshop at the AME USA Conference, the worlds largest and most well attended annual Lean Manufacturing Conference. Tim’s workshop will be focused on Lean for Small and Medium sized Manufacturers.

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Tim at Branach

TXM Case Study has been published in Australian Manufacturing Technology Magazine

This month’s Australian Manufacturing Technology Magazine focuses on the Food Industry. TXM features prominently with an article about Lean case studies in the food industry.

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Roband Lean Cell

Optimistic Outlook for Manufacturing

TXM Managing Director has presented an optimistic outlook for manufacturing at a range of industry forums in August 2014.

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 WTO trade States


Tim McLean and the TXM team


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