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TXM Lean Minute – Managing Problem Solving Concern Strips in your Daily Meetings

TXM Concern strips are a really effective way to capture and permanently solve  every day problems in your business. This video provides practical tips on how to use concern strips in your meetings.

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What Makes a Great Operations Manager?

So what are the signs that you have hired a really effective Operations Manager or General Manager in your business?The challenge is that some of these seem counter-intuitive and you might not recognise them as positive behaviours, or worse, see them as negatives. Here are 10 things that will show that your Operations Manager is a top performer.

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 Operations Manager Cartoon

Combining Lean Tools and Safety Standards for Improvements

The practice of providing a safe workplace and implementing Lean production systems have been kept separate in most manufacturing sites.  It is not uncommon to find these two essential functions being slightly out of alignment due to their seemingly opposite objectives. There are three excellent lean tools that you can implement into processes to create a safer and incident-free workplace

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Broaden your Horizons with these Great Lean Books

As the days are dark and cold, there is nothing like sitting down with a good book to feed your brain and get you ready for the challenging week ahead. Here are four good reads to get you started.

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 Lean book strategy



TXM Lean Consulting Team Gets Together for a Professional Development Meeting

July saw many of the TXM lean consulting team converge on Melbourne for a two day professional development meeting. TXM has invested heavily in recent years in developing the skills of our consulting team and the resources they have available to deliver outstanding results for customers around the world

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 TXm Consultant day

Best Practice Network to Bring International Lean Experts to Australia

Best Practice Network is bringing highly respected international Lean experts, Michael Bremer and Drew Locher to Australia to run a series of workshops in November and February.

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Drew Locher
Drew Locher
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