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Latest Lean Case Study
TXM Lean Case Study Video – Hazchem Safety
Hazchem Safety in Brackley are the UK’s leading supplier of safety clothing and equipment for the transport and handling of dangerous goods. TXM Senior Consultant, Tim Scurlock, helped the team at Hazchem Safety turn around performance so that they now boast the “trifecta” of rising sales, falling inventory and improving on time in full delivery (OTIF).
Latest Lean Articles
Why do So Few Small Companies Become Big Companies?
Around 90% of businesses turn over less than $5 million per year and most will never grow beyond that level. However every big business was once small. So what is it that marks out some businesses to grow and sustain that growth over time?
Implementing an ERP System
In modern manufacturing, one of the biggest investments you will make is likely to be an Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP system. Despite the high investment involved, we find dissatisfaction among users of these systems to be widespread and that they are often regarded as a “necessary evil” rather than a benefit to the business.
Latest News
Last Chance to Sign Up For Dennis McCarthy Total Productive Maintenance Workshops
It is now less than three weeks before Dennis McCarthy, world leading expert on Total Productive Maintenance, arrives in Australia to present a series of workshops with the Best Practice Network.
David Jaksa Joins TXM as a Senior Lean Consultant in Melbourne
TXM is pleased to welcome David Jaksa to our team as a Senior Lean Consultant in Melbourne. David has had an outstanding career in Lean and Quality Engineering within the Toyota Motor Corporation Australia. Since leaving Toyota seven years ago, David has worked in many different industries such as Manufacturing, Services and Construction, in driving efficiency, running Lean programmes and improving quality.
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