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TXM Lean Minute – Managing Every Day Warehouse Tasks with Red-Green Tee Cards

Warehouses have lots of routine tasks that need to be completed every day. This Lean Minute Video explains how you can use Red-Green Tee cards to make sure that every warehouse task gets done every day.
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Overcoming Four Big Barriers to a Lean Culture Part 1 – Breaking through Complacency

The most easily recognised of the cultural barriers, complacency is simply a belief that things are good enough. In complacent cultures leaders and teams believe there is no need to improve. In the worst cases, this is because the leaders believe the business is already the best.

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Lean culture complacency barrier cartoon

Inventory—Understand it Before you Try to Slash it!

One of the biggest costs in a business and often the largest commitment of cash is inventory. In lean thinking all inventory is also waste. So what is the right level of inventory for your business?

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Lean Transformation in Oil Production

Our client is an oil industry joint venture between a leading oil production state and a global oil major. We were engaged to assist in deployment of a continuous improvement system. Our engagement co-coincided with a historic fall in the price of oil, which placed considerable pressure on the overall business to reduce costs and increase production.

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Stuart Mitton Joins TXM in the UK

TXM is pleased to welcome Stuart Mitton to our UK consulting team. Stuart is based in Crewe and will support customers in the North of England. Stuart developed his Lean expertise building Rolls Royces (both cars and jet engines) and Cosworth Formula One Engines. He has then developed it further across a diverse range of industries in both corporate and consulting roles. We are excited to have Stuart on the team.

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TXM Launches Completely New Website

In December TXM launched a brand new website to reflect our growing and diversifying global business. As TXM becomes a global company, it was important to locate our web content on the .com domain so that our clients in the 15+ countries in which we currently do business can access content that is relevant to them.

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