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Latest Lean Video
The "I to U" of Lean Plant Layout
Factory & warehouse layouts can have a major impact on the efficiency of an organisation. TXM Lean Solutions have assisted over 100 companies to design warehouses, factories and workshops. Watch TXM Director Anthony Clyne completely change your understanding with the TXM Lean Facility Layout Development Process.
Latest Lean Case Study
Manufacturing Transformation at MacNaught
MacNaught produce high quality complex precision products. TXM Lean Solutions worked with MacNaught to transform their manufacturing processes to Lean methodologies, effectively increasing growth. Watch the TXM Lean Case Study outlining the efficiencies introduced into MacNaught's manufacturing processes.
Latest Lean Articles
7 Flows to Consider with your Factory Layout
There are several flows that need to be taken into consideration when designing your factory, warehouse or workshop. TXM Lean Solutions has developed the Plant Layout Process which defines the necessary flows and layouts of an efficient factory, warehouse or workshop. Read how the Plant Layout Process can help you design a flow that works.
Five Career Limiting Mistakes Operations Leaders Should Avoid
A large part of an operations managers role is solving problems that arise due to mistakes made on the shop floor. TXM Director Tim McLean explains the top five operations mistakes made by senior leaders when managing the largest workforce of organisations'.
Latest News
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from TXM
We have had a productive year. We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. TXM Lean Solutions will be closed from December 22nd and will resume consulting January 7th 2019.
TXM Lean Solutions announces the establishment of TXM Training
TXM Training is a new initiative focused on providing you and your team with essential skills to drive Lean and operational excellence in your organisation. Build your skills in Lean and Operational Excellence today!
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