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Latest Lean Video
Five Short 5S Videos You Must Watch
Over the years, we have helped hundreds of companies implement Practical 5S, our proven approach to 5S deployment. These five 5s videos provide you with practical tips on how to successfully and sustainably deploy Practical 5S in your business.
Latest Lean Case Study
Improved On Time in Full Delivery and Reduced Inventory with a Lean Coatings Supply Chain
Applying Lean in a batch process environment such as paint manufacturing brings unique challenges. In this case study our client found innovative Lean solutions to significantly improve their supply chain performance.
Latest Lean Articles
Lean Culture Part 2 – Beating Low Expectations
Creating a Lean culture, or for that matter creating any positive change, seems very difficult in some organisations. They seem to have a form of entropy where all improvement regresses quickly back to the mediocre normal.
Four Simple Tips for a Successful Kanban System
Kanban Systems or Pull systems of various types with are now common across many industries. They are cheap, simple to operate and can lead to large cost and inventory reductions. Here are some guidelines to help make your pull system work effectively
Latest News
TXM Running Free Lean Workshop Series Around Australia
The AusIndustry Entrepreneur’s Programme has engaged TXM to run a free Lean workshop series around Australia aimed at small and medium sized enterprise.
Best Practice Network Must-See Events in February and March
Best Practice Network has a huge couple of months with two international speakers and major events around the country. Leading international Lean speakers, Drew Locher and Nick Katko will be headlining the 2018 Best Practice Network Summit and running interactive workshops on the Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.
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