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Welcome to the TXM Newsletter for February 2015

We are well and truly settling into 2015 and we hope your Lean Journey is progressing well! The TXM team is delighted to bring you the latest Lean Videos and articles to help you along on your journey.


TXM Lean Minute Video – Lean Metrics Drive Improvement

What gets measured gets done. Human behaviour is that the things we measure in business are often the things that get the most improvement focus. So how do you choose the right lean metrics and ensure that everyone is focused on improving them. This Lean Minute Video explains how.

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TXM Lean Minute Video – Creating a Culture of Daily Problem Solving

Creating a culture where your teams use simple practical problem solving techniques every day can drive dramatic improvement in your business. However how do you create a sustainable culture of daily problem solving. Watch this Lean Minute Video to Learn More.

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Daily problem Solving image


The Key to Sustaining your Lean Culture

Mike Hoseus spoke at a recent AME event in Melbourne, covering Lean People development with the topic “The Key to sustaining your lean culture”. The starting point is problem solving; “Is your company a problem solving company?” questions Mike to the audience – the reply from the audience was only uncomfortable silence.

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Ame Australia speaker Mike Hoseus

Top 3 TXM Lean Minute Videos

Our TXM Lean Minute videos have attracted attention from around the globe and we love bringing them to you! They are a fun way to bring our lean philosophy, theory and practical tools to life, and hopefully the help to reinforce a point you already know, or to bring you something new, or a new way of looking at things in your business. Here are our Top 3 TXM Lean Minute Videos.

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Why your business needs visual controls 


Theron DeBella Joins TXM USA

TXM is pleased to welcome Theron DeBella to lead team in the USA. Theron will be based at our office in Hartford, Connecticut and takes on the role of Vice President-USA. Theron has an impressive 25 year career in manufacturing and has extensive experience in deploying Lean across a wide range of industries.

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Best Practice Network Director Victor Caune Wins Jim Watkins Award

Best Practice Network Director, Victor Caune was the proud recipient of the 2015 Jim Watkins Award for his outstanding contribution to Manufacturing Excellence over his 30 year career. In particular, Victor’s efforts in building business networks over the past two decades was recognised.

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Jim Watkins Award


The TXM team


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