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Interview with Mike Walsh – Managing Director – Branach Manufacturing

Branach Manufacturing is perhaps the best Lean Transformation we have seen in a Small or Medium Sized Enterprise (SME). Branach have driven rapid growth through outstanding customer service and value delivered through a world class Lean production system. In this TXM video, TXM Managing Director, Tim McLean interviews Branach founder, Mike Walsh talks about their Lean journey and what it has meant for his business.

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TXM “Lean Minute” – Kanban Tip # 1 – Accumulation Kanban

Our first “Lean Minute” videos focus on one of the most recognizable Lean techniques – Kanban. Kanban is such a simple and effective way to manage materials, however it is often wrongly perceived as difficult to implement. In this, the first of our series on Kanban, TXM Consulting Director, Anthony Clyne unlocks some of the mysteries of Accumulation Kanban.

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Why Do So Few Small Companies become Big Companies?

Every big global company started out small. Hewlett Packard was originally two guys working In a garage. Hershey started out as one chocolate shop (and he even went bust a couple of times before he got it right!) and McDonalds started out with one restaurant. So what is it that means that some small and medium sized companies go on to become big companies, while most hit a growth plateau or even end up declining and going out of business?

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The Need to Lead People through Change

People who resist change usually do so for a reason – lack of trust, frustration or a desire to have their input in to the change. If you take the time to listen to these individuals and incorporate their ideas, you will usually get a better outcome. You will also most likely retain these people and gain them as supporters rather than adversaries.

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Six Sigma (and Lean Six Sigma) vs. Lean – Which way to go?

Next to Lean, Six Sigma is probably the most popular process improvement methodology in the world. As a business starting out on the improvement journey, it can be hard to decide which approach to take. At TXM we are committed to a Lean approach because we believe it is the most effective way to drive process improvement through an organisation. However most of our team also have training in Six Sigma and we do assist some customers in deploying a Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma approach. So what are the differences and relative merits of the two approaches?

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Documenting Your Lean System is a Key to Sustaining it.

TXM Senior Consultant, Michelle Brown has been sharing a series of articles on our blog about the keys to sustaining a lean transformation so that initial gains are locked in and built upon. In this, the second blog in the series, Michelle explains the importance of documenting your system and provides some ideas on the type of documentation you need. Read More…



Tim McLean Presents Lean Office Webinar for Google

TXM Managing Director, Tim McLean, has been invited by Google to host a Webinar about “The Ten Wastes in the Lean Office”. Google recognised TXM as thought leaders on Lean in the Asia Pacific and selected us to host their first webinar aimed at manufacturers across the region.

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TXM to Have Major Presence at AME Australia Conference 2014

TXM will be a major contributor to this year’s Association for Manufacturing Excellence – Leadership in Operational Excellence Conferences in Perth on 24 February and in Melbourne on 25-28 February. Tim McLean, Ron Spiteri and Marcus Ward will all be presenting at the conferences.

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TXM Lean Automotive Supply Chain Workshop in Shanghai in March

TXM Managing Director, Tim McLean, is visiting China again March and will be presenting a workshop aimed at suppliers to the fast growing Chinese Automotive Industry. Chinese Automotive manufacturers are aiming to reach global standards of quality and cost, but their supply chain lags behind. Tim will discuss the issues facing the industry and how a Lean approach is needed to integrate the various supply chain participants and over come these problems.

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Ivan Wooldridge Joins TXM in Perth

TXM is pleased to welcome Ivan Wooldridge to our team in Perth. Qualified in Aeronautical Engineering, ivan started his career at British Steel and Michelin Tyres before occupying management and TPS roles at Toyota. Since coming to Australia Ivan has applied his Lean stills in consulting roles in the resources, oil and gas industries including with Newcrest Gold, Rio Tinto, Woodside and Shell.

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