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Welcome to the TXM Newsletter for January 2016

Happy New Year to all our colleagues in the TXM and Best Practice Networks. 2016 promises to be another exciting and challenging year. As the Australian and global economy seems to be slowing again, the need for Lean Thinking to keep your business ahead of the game will be more important than ever.


TXM Lean Case Study Video – Slattery and Acquroff Staircases

In this lean case study video, Slattery and Acquroff Director, Rob Beard explains how Lean has really streamlined their business and helped it grow. Slattery and Acquoff make high quality customised staircases from natural timber, steel and glass.

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Case Study Video Slattery and Acquroff

TXM Lean Minute Video – Balancing Workflow for Level Production

Lean manufacturing aims for level production, where the throughput of each process step is balanced to match the rate of customer demand or takt time. Level production enables businesses to dramatically reduce lead times and work in progress and increase productivity. In this lean minute video, Tim McLean explains how to balance processes and achieve level production in a machine shop.

Watch the Video…

Level production balancing workflow image


Industry 4.0 – Is it Something New or Just “Ground Hog Day”

If you listen to the business media there is a revolution coming to manufacturing. It is called Industry 4.0, a fourth industrial revolution based on emerging technologies such as “the internet of things”, “big data”, advanced automation and additive technologies. So what is new and different about Industry 4.0, what does it change and what should you be doing about it?

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Starting Your Lean Transformation with a Pilot Project

Many senior leaders itch to implement Lean principles to every corner of their companies after realizing the importance of Lean for their business. However you may only get one chance to implement Lean in your business, and trying to do everything at once is risky and will tax your business’ resources. That is why a well thought out pilot project can be the best place to start your Lean Transformation.

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vsm workshop


TXM Goes Global in 2016

The first week of February 2016 will be a milestone for TXM’s ongoing global expansion. TXM projects will be underway in six countries on four continents.

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Ron Spiteri

Best Practice Network Launched in Queensland

The rapidly growing Best Practice Network has taken another major step forward with the launch of Best Practice Network Queensland, based in Brisbane. Increasingly clients are seeing the value of providing all their operations across Australia with access to this outstanding business networking service.

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Kevin Bennett 3
Well, that’s it for another month! Remember – your TXM Lean consultant is only a phone call away, so give us a call and let us help you!Regards,The TXM team

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