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Hello and welcome to the mid-year edition of TXM news! We hope your Financial Year ended well and you are on your way to achieving your goals for the year ahead.


TXM Lean Minute – Creating Flow to See and Solve Problems

Learn how creating flow in your business is like creating good traffic flow. When the flow stops it shows that something non-standard has happened and prompts you to solve problems. Learn why flow is so important in Lean Production.

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Lean production flow

TXM Lean Minute – Eliminate Virtual Clutter with Virtual 5S

In this Lean Minute Video, Roger Crothers explains how to reduce your personal stress and increase your productivity with a Virtual 5S cleanup of your files, folders and emails.

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roger crothers - thumb


Simplicity in Business Systems leads to Best Practice

Within manufacturing, lean thinking continues to drive innovation in the way business systems are arranged. The underlining principle to this has been to follow the lean concepts that simplifies the process. Simplicity drives best practice.

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Understanding the Waste, Overburden and Uneveness in Your Business

The definition of Lean is to reduce wastes. Here we will look at the THREE types of wastes the may occur in a process – Waste in Process (Muda), Unevenness (Mura), and Overburden (Muri.)

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China waste



TXM Finalist in 2016 Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame

TXM Lean Solutions are delighted to be selected as Finalists for the Professional Services Award at the 2016 Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame. TXM was nominated by the Australian Industry & Defence Network(AIDN), the peak industry association for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) wishing to do business in the defence and security sectors.

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Hall of Fame

TXM Goes “DOT COM” as our Business Goes Global

XM has recently migrated all our emails over to the domain from This reflects the increasingly global nature of our business with offices in Australia, the UK, US and China as well as projects in 15 countries.

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And if any of these ideas has sparked a thought, just give us a call on 1 300 165 606, from anywhere around Australia or call one of our Global Offices. We’d love to hear from you!

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