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TXM Lean Minute – How to Design Efficient Order Packing and Processing in your Lean Warehouse

A critical step in any warehouse and a major source of errors and waste is the final step of checking, order packing and processing orders for shipment. In this Lean Minute Video, Michelle Brown explains how to design a packing and processing area for maximum efficiency and minimum errors.

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 order packing


How to Avoid the Senior Management Revolving Door in Your Business

The “management revolving door” is a disaster for your business. Apart from the direct recruitment and severance costs of hiring and firing manager after manager, the revolving door will stall your business’ progress and prevent you from growing successfully.  Learn why the revolving door happens and how to stop it spinning.

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 Management revolving door

Stop-Start-Continue: A Lean Feedback Tool

A strong component of TXMs Lean Philosophy is about engaging our team and get them thinking about improving our company, together. Identifying wastes is a great way to start and using simple feedback tools can help get our team warmed up and into thinking mode. Today we will look at the Stop – Start – Continue model.

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 stop-start-continue feedback tool

WHAT and then WHO: the Delicate Balance of Office Process Design

Office process design starts with using the lean principles to understand the current situation then develop a future state, along with a implementation plan to close the gap between the two situations. Here we will look at how to develop an office process and determining WHAT tasks are needed, then look at how we determine WHO we get to do these tasks. Developing a robust implementation plan, including the checking and auditing, will help us be successful in implementing our change and meet our goal.

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 what and then who FLOW



TXM and Best Practice Network on the Lookout for New Talent

2017 is proving to be a year of exceptional growth for TXM and the Best Practice Network. As a result we are actively looking for new people to join our business as Lean Consultants and Best Practice Network facilitators.

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