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TXM UK Lean Case Study Video – Broadfix
Based in Hereford, Broadfix are the UK's leading manufacturer of plastic shims for construction. Twelve months ago Broadfix were facing rising manufacturing costs, high inventory, and five pages of back orders. It seemed that the only way out of the problem was to invest in more injection moulding machines and perhaps larger premises. That was until they met Lee Candy from TXM
Latest Lean Articles
Is Your Business Ready for Lean?
We see many businesses that are facing big problems. Sometimes the owners and managers of these businesses ask us whether they are really “ready for Lean”. Perhaps they should “work on the basics” before thinking about Lean. In fact, the opposite is true, a well thought out Lean program will give you the “basics” of running an effective operation and help you overcome major issues in your business.
Role Of The Senior Leadership Team In Ensuring Lean Delivers Improved Culture And Results
Embracing lean thinking and making it part of your corporate DNA is a difficult challenge. Your Senior Leadership Team is key to achieving this. Start by apply lean thinking to achieve immediate strategic goals. Demonstrate the corporate commitment with consistent communications.
Latest News
Bernard Azzi Joins TXM In Germany
TXM is pleased to welcome Bernard Azzi to our growing global team. Bernard is based in the beautiful city of Heidelberg in Germany and will be working with our clients in Germany and across Europe. Bernard is an exceptionally experienced Lean consultant having worked with dozens of companies over his 12 years as a Lean and TPM consultant.
Anil Gupta Joins TXM in Canada
TXM is pleased to welcome Anil Gupta to the TXM team in North America. Anil is based in Toronto in Canada and joins our new company TXM Lean Solutions North America, based in Calgary, Alberta. Anil has been helping organizations improve their performance over the past 15 years.
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