Halfway through 2014!

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Here are our latest TXM Lean Minutes videos, a Lean Case study video and a range of articles and news items to help you along with your Lean projects.


TXM Lean Case Study Video – Sykes Racing

Sykes Racing Lean Case Study is one of the the  most ambitious lean transformation TXM has ever been involved in. In this interview, Sykes Managing Director, Jeff Lawrence talks about how Lean transformed his business. Sykes is a great example of the use of lean for customised manufacturing. Sykes produces a wide range of high quality.

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case study Sykes

TXM Lean Minute Video – Lean Finance

Lean is a great way to engage your people and improve the culture of your business, but it also offers some hard nosed bottom line benefits as well. By increasing productivity and reducing working capital Lean can drive a step change improvement in your return on assets. This TXM Lean Finance video shows how.

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TXM Lean Minute Video – Creating Lean Standardised Work

Lean standardised work is one of the foundation tools of Lean Thinking. However for custom products it can be difficult to apply. This video provides some simple tips on how to create lean standardised work for low volume custom products.

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Developing a Waste Elimination Culture

How do we approach Waste elimination in a manufacturing environment?  Start by developing a structured process that is simple and centred on reducing the waste, no matter how small, as this will add up over time to build team skills and improvement performance.  It is better to do something small rather than not addressing the wastes at all.  In any manufacturing processes the wastes are not easily seen at a first glance, and the task of identifying then requires a structured approach to eliminate wastes.

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 Eliminating waste in a manufacturing environmant

Mastering Meaningful Metrics

“What gets measured, gets managed” is the adage by management expert Peter Drukker and you would be hard pressed to find a company today that doesn’t have some level of metrics. The challenge is to differentiate between every day “business” metrics and “lean metrics”. Let’s look at the key elements to getting good metrics in place and tools for sustaining their use.

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 lean metrics and visual management


Lean for Small & Medium Sized Manufacturers – Book out soon

Over the past decade TXM has worked with more than 100 small and medium sized manufacturers to help them improve their productivity, quality and customer service and to grow their businesses. It was this experience that inspired TXM Principal, Tim McLean, to write his forthcoming book, “Grow Your Factory – Grow Your Profits”.  The book is being published in the United States by iconic Lean and Operational Excellence specialist publisher, Productivity Press in the third quarter of 2014. .

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Lean for Small and Medium sized businesses

“Lean Packaging” Workshop Strikes a Chord

TXM Lean Packaging workshop struck a chord with participants who recognised the packaging process as one of the most complex parts of their production. Lean packaging case studies from Young Sun printing and Axus Stationery were particular highlights.

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Tim McLean and the TXM team


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