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Latest Lean Video
TXM Lean Minute Video – Toyota Method of Respecting People
Respect for people is a core value at Toyota. In this TXM Lean Minute from our archives, Anthony Clyne provides some simple tips on how to use the Toyota Method to help you show “respect for people” in your workplace.
Latest Lean Case Study
Lean Solution Slashes Lead Time and Improves Competitiveness for Helicopter Component Overhaul
Our client is a leading precision engineering company focused on the defence and aerospace sectors. They had the opportunity to win a major contract for overhaul of critical helicopter components provided they could meet their client’s demanding lead time and quality requirements.
Latest Lean Articles
How Well are We Doing Today? Finding the Right Business Metrics
The factors driving business metrics are often not well understood and sometimes not measured at all. Even if performance is measured it is often not shared with front line employees. So what should you measure in your business and how should you measure it?
Overcoming Four Big Barriers to a Lean Culture Part 3 – Overcoming Learned Helplessness.
Learned helplessness is a belief among leaders and teams that they cannot influence change. It is learned, because very few people come in to a job, particularly a leadership role, believing that they will be unable to change things.
Latest News
TXM to Open Office in France and Offer Global Lean Solutions
TXM is currently recruiting a Senior Lean Consultant, fluent in French and English, to lead our new office in Lyon, France. With offices across four continents and projects in over 15 countries, TXM is Australia's first Global Lean Consulting company over to offer companies global Lean solutions.
Your Opportunity to Visit Three World-Class Production Sites in April
You will not want to miss these rare opportunities to visit these high-profile and world-class companies, with the events running in three states. Best Practice Network members can attend free of charge while our pay as you go option offers non-members great value for money. Places are strictly limited and members get priority.
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