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Implementing Lean Manufacturing – How and When to Start

A common question we are asked is when should a business start implementing lean and how should it get started. Many people (particularly fellow consultants and trainers) would say that everyone needs to start to implement lean right away and implement across the whole organisation with a business wide, top down roll out program. However, from experience, this is usually not the answer we find that fits most businesses.

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Knowing What to Make and When to Make it – The Role of Forecasting in Lean Enterprise

Knowing the future has been a human fascination since the beginning of time. In business, information about the future is essential for decision making. However, as we all know humans cannot see in to the future. The best we can do is make an estimate of the most likely outcomes in the future based on a set of assumptions. This is called a forecast and there is a virtual mountain of literature written on the subject of business forecasting. I am therefore going to try to provide a brief overview of our experience in developing a forecast.

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What Personality Type is Best Suited to Problem Solving

Most of us, at some point in recent memory will have been subjected to a personality test. Most likely it will be the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI), which is the most widely used tool in this area. These tools are somewhat overused, but nevertheless can provide us with some useful insights in to our own personality and how we are likely to interact with other people and situations in our daily lives. So, is there a personality type best suited to solving problems and, more to the point, is there a personality type that is unsuited to solving problems??

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Ask Better Lean Manufacturing Questions

In manufacturing we have metrics for quality, delivery,cost, moral and safety. Many of them have targets and the answers is known. However the question “How do we achieve this” always needs more questions in order to understand how these targets can be reached.

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5 Key Principles of Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a production perspective that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful, and thus can be removed or eliminated from the production steps.

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TXM News

TXM Lean Manufacturing at Austech 2013 in Melbourne

TXM will once again be represented at Stand 501 at Austech 2013 in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from 7 to 10 May 2013.Visitors will be given the opportunity to discuss their lean manufacturing needs with TXM. We will be showcasing the recently launched online store that provides many of the key visual tools needed to improve the lean production systems and assist with managing routine daily tasks, problem solving and planning production. Lean manufacturing is not limited to large businesses – small to medium enterprises can experience the benefits that the implementation of a program will bring.

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TXM China Lean Consulting Team Expands

ollowing growth of the TXM business in 2012, TXM has expanded its consulting team in China. TXM is pleased to welcome James Chen and Richard Zeng to the TXM lean consulting team team in China. James has more than 10 years of continuous improvement experience and has specialized in lean system implementation as well as 6 Sigma and TPM. Richard Zeng has more than 18 years in operational management roles and acquired rich lean experience working in Timken (a global industrial technology leader) and Donaldson (a leading worldwide provider of filtration systems);

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Greg Boek Joins the TXM Lean Consulting Team in Australia

TXM is pleased to welcome Greg Boek to our Australian Lean Consulting team as a Senior Lean Consultant after a successful career implementing lean thinking in some of the world’s leading Automotive manufacturing and component companies. Greg led the lean implementation at Autoliv Australia which was a Toyota Australia lean benchmark supplier.

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Talk by Justin Tao at the CIPM Conference to Focus on Lean Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

TXM China Consulting Director, Justin Tao, has been invited to talk at the Conference sessions being held as part of the 45th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition (CIPM) in Qingdao in April.

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TXM Shares Customized Manufacturing Lean Expertise at AME Conference in Melbourne

TXM was an active participant in the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) conference in Melbourne. The key theme of the the conference was how to Adapt, Survive and Thrive to the business environment in 2013. This is an area where TXM has broad expertise from the dozens of large and small manufacturers we have assisted to increase competitiveness over the past 8 years.

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