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Latest Lean Video
TXM Lean Video - Ask Why Five Times
To establish a culture of continous improvement in your business Leaders need to role model problem solving by asking “why” five times. In this TXM Lean Minute, Anthony Clyne explains the importance of asking why five times to get to the root cause of problems, define your culture and help develop future leaders in your business.
Latest Lean Case Study
Front line Lean leadership change the culture for a world largest machine tools builder
Like many manufacturers in China, DMG Mori was facing rapid rising costs. Management in the plant recognised that there was significant scope to improve shop floor productivity. Despite the advanced shop floor management systems there was a high level of non-value added time and shop floor organization including housekeeping could all be improved. The challenge therefore was to achieve this productivity gain while maintaining a flow production system.
Latest Lean Articles
Does Industry 4.0 Mean the End of Lean?
In the last couple of years I have been asked a surprising question. “Does Industry 4.0 mean the end of Lean?” In manufacturing, we all love the “next big thing” and this question naturally implies that Lean is “the last big thing” and Industry 4.0 the next. So should you be parking your Lean initiatives and bringing in an Industry 4.0 expert to assess your readiness for the next wave of manufacturing?
Eliminate the 3 Key Wastes to Create a Lean Office Environment
Lean Thinking defines waste as work that adds no value to the customer. The well-known Seven Wastes were originally targeted at manufacturing processes. However, when it comes to the office and service environment, wastes tend to be more difficult to recognise and thus more difficult to eliminate.
Latest News
Angel Bueno Joins TXM as Senior Lean Consultant in France
TXM is pleased to appoint Angel Bueno as our first Senior Lean Consultant in France. Angel is based in France’s second city, Lyon and brings to TXM extensive experience in manufacturing and Lean.
Leading International Lean Maintenance Expert Headed to Australia for Best Practice Network
The Best Practice Network is proud to host Dennis McCarthy, UK-based Author and Lean Expert, to run a series of workshops in August and September 2018, across Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.
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