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How to use Kaizen to improve your business every day?
What is Kaizen? In Japanese in translates to “change for the better” or “Improvement”. Kaizen was first implemented in several Japanese manufacturing businesses after the Second World War. Learn how to continuously improve by using Kaizen in your business every day.
Latest Lean Case Study
Lean Manufacturing in the beverage industry - Juicy Isle
Tasmanian juice company, Juicy Isle expanded rapidly increasing from two juice lines to incorporating six water-based lines for industrial and consumer markets. Read about how TXM Lean Solutions helped increase productivity by 20% in the first year.
Latest Lean Articles
Five Tips for Designing an Organisational Structure that Works
Designing an organisational structure can be a daunting task to a beginner with a large number of variables to consider. TXM Lean Solutions have five tips for your business when designing an organisational structure from scratch. Read more about how best practice organisational structure can improve your business.
Top 6 Opportunities for Lean Office Improvements in your Business
Implementing Lean Office methodologies is not a new concept; however, many offices have trouble implement lasting change that can drive sustainability in their offices. Read TXM Lean Solutions top nine tips for sustaining & maintaining the Lean Office.
Latest News
Best Practice Network launches in New Zealand
The last four years have been a time of growth for Best Practice Network. We are happy to introduce the New Zealand Best Practice Network. If you would like to join the New Zealand Network please email [email protected]
TXM Lean Solutions expands to Sweden
Following successful launches in the UK, Germany & France. TXM Lean Solutions are happy to announce the launch of our Swedish office and a dedicated consultant ready to help you and your organisation. For more information please contact us.
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