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Welcome to the TXM Newsletter for September 2015

A key highlight for TXM this month is the ongoing success of our Best Practice Network venture. This month we announce our first ever Best Practice Network Operational Excellence Summit in Melbourne in December 2015.

This month’s Lean Minute videos for the first time feature Greg Boek and Roger Crothers, two highly experienced members of the TXM team, so check those out. We also have a great new case study featuring the innovative work of Senior Consultant, Rob Chittenden.


TXM Lean Video – the Value of Visual Metrics

A game of football would be pretty meaningless if no-one recorded the score. The same applies in business. In this TXM Lean Minute, TXM Senior Consultant, Roger Crothers explains how to develop effective visual metrics for your business.

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TXM Lean Minute Video – Level Production and Creating a Visual Workflow

Levelling work enables you see the status of production in real time and gets products and services to your customers on time every time. In this Lean Minute, TXM Senior Consultant, Greg Boek, explains the secrets of levelling production and creating a visual work flow.

Watch the Video…

 Greg book level production


Top 6 Opportunities for Lean Office Improvements in your Business.

As many readers of this blog will know, there are a huge range of ways in which Lean can reduce waste and improve performance in the office. Therefore I thought I would give a few examples where we at TXM have seen Lean approaches yield dramatic improvement.

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New Lean Case Study – Lean Thinking Drives Better Performance for Construction Equipment Hire and Overhaul at Alimak Hek Australia

Alimak Hek, the world leader material and personnel lifts for construction engaged TXM Senior Consultant, Rob Chittenden, to apply Lean Thinking in innovative ways to improve the integration and management of their processes at their Dandenong equipment hire operations.

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Alimak Hek


Operational Excellence National Summit 3 December 2015 8.30am to 5.30pm Park Royal Hotel – Airport Conference Centre, Melbourne Airport

The first Best Practice Network Summit presents a high powered, interactive program of senior keynote speakers who will present their unique insights into why some organisations perform well in tough times and whether incremental improvements are enough and how does your company invest in its future?

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  park royal conference

Best Practice Network Launches its New Website

The Best Practice Network has launched its new website The new website provides all you need to know about the Best Practice Network.

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 Best Practice Network site image
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