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Latest Lean Video
TXM Lean Minute – Streamline Your Packaging Process with One Piece Flow
Packaging is the “forgotten process” in many manufacturing operations. Packaging processes usually involve large amounts of space, labour, materials and, of course, cost. This video shows that with minimal investment and some Lean thinking you can dramatically improve your packaging process.
Latest Lean Case Study
Front Line Lean Leadership Changes the Culture for a World Leading Machine Tools Builder
Lean leadership and Lean problem solving face particular challenges in China. Deep respect for authority and a desire not to lose face can mean that leaders and front line employees prefer not to "open up" and share problems. Overcoming these problems and engaging leaders at all levels lead to some break through improvements for this leading global machine tools manufacturer
Latest Lean Articles
Our Top Five Lean Leadership Videos
One of the big insights of the last decade is that success with Lean depends on the full engagement and support of leaders at every level of the business. Over the years, Lean Leadership has been a key focus of our blogs and videos and so I have selected five of our most popular Lean Leadership videos.
Right Part, Right Place, Right Time – The Keys to Successful Lean Material Management
The inability to get materials to the right place in the right time and in the right quantity is major cause of inefficiency and frustration in manufacturing and distribution businesses. So what are the secrets to good materials management?
Latest News
“Grow Your Factory, Grow Your Profits” Released in Chinese Translation
TXM Managing Director, Tim McLean’s first book, “Grow Your Factory, Grow Your Profits: Lean for Small and Medium Sized Manufacturing Enterprises” (Productivity Press, 2014) was recently released in Chinese translation.
Best Practice Network Annual Summit in Melbourne 21-22 February 2019
Join us at the Best Practice Network national summit together with other leading professionals, to learn what is really happening in advanced manufacturing and services in Australia and the world.
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