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TXM Goes “DOT COM” as our Business Goes Global
Practical lean solutions
TXM’s practical hands on approach to improvement is being recognised around the world such as at this Sony electronics factory in China

TXM has recently migrated all our emails over to the domain from This reflects the increasingly global nature of our business with offices in Australia, the UK, US and China as well as projects in 15 countries. Email addresses for all your TXM contacts will now end with Don’t worry, because the old email addresses will still work, however emails you get from us will be from

Over the next year we will be building a new website at Again you will still be able to find all the great Lean resources at However the new website will reflect the global nature of the business and our increasing presence in industry sectors outside Australia. TXM now works with major players in supply chain and logistics, distribution, retail, professional services, agribusiness, resources and mining services as well as a broad range of manufacturing sectors. In the meantime you can view our temporary site at which focuses on the needs of small and medium sized manufacturing businesses.