TXM Goes Global in 2016
Ron Spiteri
TXM Director, Ron Spiteri, presented to over 5000 business Leaders at a Global Conference in October 2015

TXM Goes Global in 2016

The first week of February 2016 will be a milestone for TXM’s ongoing global expansion. This week will see TXM Consulting Director, Anthony Clyne, launching a new venture with a major client in the UK, TXM Director, Ron Spiteri, leading our first major project in the USA, Senior Consultant, Greg Boek, starting a new project in Vietnam and Senior Consultant, Mick Cooper and Roger Crothers are returning to Brunei for the third year of an ongoing project. Meanwhile, our China team are preparing for a visit by TXM Director, Tim McLean, that will include presentations at the Swedish and British Chambers of Commerce in Shanghai. The TXM office in China has been supporting Global companies to improve their China operations for over five years.

Back home in Australia, the business continues to grow with major new projects across the manufacturing, distribution, mining and food sectors. Best Practice Network also continues to grow with the launch of networks in New South Wales and Queensland building on the success of our outstanding Victorian network.

Explaining why a Lean Consulting company based in Australia can compete on the world stage, TXM Director, Tim McLean points to TXM’s core values of:

  • Maximising customer return on investment.
  • Delivering a sustainable change beyond the project
  • Applying Lean Thinking in innovative ways.

“A lot of the support on offer to companies wanting to implement Lean is very standardised.”, says McLean,”Customers are expected to follow a standard program dictated by the consultant or training company. At TXM we start by asking the customer what their business objectives are and then develop a program specifically tailored to achieve those objectives. This means that we deliver tangible business outcomes from every project. This ensures a great return on the customer’s investmet, but also provides momentum to ensure that the Lean Transformation is sustained and expanded”.



Timothy McLean

Author: Timothy McLean

Timothy McLean is the Managing Director of TXM Lean Solutions and is an author of Lean books.