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Latest Lean Video
How to Choose the Tasks for your Red-Green Task Board (Kamishibai Board)
Red and Green Task Boards (or Kamishibai Boards) are a practical, intuitive way to ensure everyday tasks are completed in your organisation. Watch as Senior Consultant Michelle Brown demonstrates how to work with your team to choose the right tasks for your board.
Latest Lean Case Study
Lean Case Study - Schuetz Australia - Lean Transformation
SCHÜTZ DSL Australia is a leading international supplier of reusable industrial packaging. Read on as TXM explains how Lean processes were implemented Delivering improved safety, productivity, accuracy and on-time delivery.
Latest Lean Articles
The Top Ways to Engage your Suppliers to Improve your Supply Chain
Everyone wants to improve their suppliers. Engaging them at all levels can have a positive impact on your organisation and supply chain. Read on as TXM Director - Tim McLean explains the top ways to engage your suppliers and improve your supply chain.
How you can Reduce Lead Time in your Supply Chain?
Reducing lead time can have a dramatic effect on the performance of your supply chain. Read on as TXM Director Tim McLean explains how you can reduce lead times and increase productivity in your supply chain.
Latest News
TXM Lean Solutions Announces Establishment of TXM Training
Build your Lean and Operational Excellence Capabilities. Reduce costs, Increase innovation and motivate your teams. TXM Lean Solutions are happy to announce TXM Training and the Leadership for Operational Excellence Program.
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