TXM Lean Manufacturing to Feature at Austech 2012

Does your business want to become more efficient in how it operates? Do you want to reduce inventory and increase sales? If so, you are not alone.

Leading Australian Lean Manufacturing and Project Management company TXM will demonstrate how lean manufacturing techniques can help Australian advanced manufacturers become more efficient during

Austech 2012 in Sydney, stand C123 from May 8th to May 11th, 2012.

Many businesses in Australia — large and small — are challenged by increasing competition from low-cost imports due to the strong Australian dollar, and more investment in intelligent manufacturing techniques and prioritising key technologies are crucial if Australia is to avoid losing its competitive edge in manufacturing. One of those techniques that have benefitted many companies struggling to remain competitive is the implementation of lean manufacturing.

TXM’s stand will provide an opportunity for advanced manufacturers to gain practical hands-on learnings about Lean techniques. “Lean is not something you achieve – it’s something you constantly and continuously pursue,” Managing Director Tim McLean emphasises. “Implementing a few Lean tools in a plant is relatively easy, but the key to a successful pursuit lies in the ability of your team to sustain the initiatives over time.”

While Lean was originally developed from the Toyota Production System in the automotive industry,  TXM has taken the concept further and adapted the techniques for Australia’s advanced manufacturing industry and the particular challenges it faces. “Not only will we bring to your business considerable manufacturing experience from a wide range of industries, but we have developed our own proprietary lean implementation approaches such as the Manufacturing Agility Process (MAP),” Mr McLean says.

MAP is focused on reducing lead time and cost in production environments where there are high complexity and high levels of product customisation such as found in advanced manufacturing environments. “Manufacturing in first-world countries such as Australia and New Zealand is increasingly towards complex low volume, high-mix production of advanced products,” Mr. McLean explains. “The Manufacturing Agility Process is the result of TXM’s considerable experience in working with this type of advanced manufacturing. MAP takes traditional lean manufacturing approaches that were developed for automotive mass production and adapts them to enable advanced manufacturers to slash lead times, reduce cost and effectively manage the increasing complexity of their production operations and supply chains.”

In order to help companies a lasting cultural change through lean, TXM has developed the Lean Daily Leadership Process (LDLP). “Most manufacturers know that Lean Manufacturing approaches can lead to breakthrough improvements in cost, quality and lead time, but the challenge is how to sustain these improvements,” he says. “The key is to create a culture where front line leaders and their teams have the tools to maintain and continuously improve performance. The TXM Lean Daily Leadership Process is the product of over 100 years of combined lean manufacturing experience in the TXM team and, in particular, our experience in enabling businesses to keep improving long after we have completed our work. LDLP is a highly customisable management system that we can adapt to each site and each business, but it is based on some proven TXM know-how.”

During the four days of the show, visitors will learn from the experienced TXM team with video displays and demonstrations of Lean tools and the above processes, and how they can be applied in their businesses. “TXM knows that the challenge with Lean is that it competes with all of the other factors in your business; your time, your resources,” Mr. McLean says. “And it is easy to think that once Lean is ‘done’ that we can shift our focus to the next crisis. But our lean processes need constant re-energising; adding a little more momentum so that it continues to progress and grow and bring others along with it.”

TXM has an enviable reputation for delivering lasting improvement and providing an outstanding return on investment and is constantly expanding its services across the country with new offices in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, as well as new team members in New Zealand and Shanghai.

Timothy McLean

Author: Timothy McLean

Timothy McLean is the Managing Director of TXM Lean Solutions and is an author of Lean books.