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TXM Lean Minute – Eliminate Virtual Clutter with Virtual 5S

Imagine if you printed out every file and photo in your computer system and email and dumped them on your office floor. It would probably make a huge pile and most of it would be waste. In this Lean Minute Video, Roger Crothers explains how to reduce your personal stress and increase your productivity with a Virtual 5S cleanup of your files, folders and emails.

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“Unable to send, your inbox has exceeded storage limit”

Have you ever got that message?

Hi, I’m Roger Crothers. Welcome to this TXM Lean minute.

Every generation we double the total data we consume and store.

More and more we live and work in a virtual world. The problem is we have become virtual hoarders, keeping everything “just in case we need it.”

We don’t see the mess and clutter that is created.

The challenge is locating information quickly.

So imagine if you printed out every documents, every photo and put it in the middle of your office, how would you feel looking at that mess of the floor? What action would you take?

The best way to get this back in control is to do a virtual 5S on your files and inbox

The first step of 5S is to SORT. You may take a bold approach and archive everything older then 3 or 6 months then sort through the remaining files and emails asking yourself one question “do I need this”

Step 2 is “Set” Set in order the way you manage your existing emails. This will help you develop a system for how you managing emails and files.

Step 3 is “Shine” Shine your email filing system, build some pride in how you manage your emails and make it visible if it starts to get out of control again.

Step 4 “Standardise” From what you have learnt doing the first 3 steps develop some new standards to follow

And Step 5 Sustain, put some measures and rules in place for yourself so you can see if your inbox or filing system is getting out of control, an example is at the end of each day the target having less then 10 emails in my inbox.

So Imagine turning up to work, opening your email and seeing only a couple of emails. “now that’s a good way to start a day”

By doing a 5S on your email or filing system will not only reduce stress and reduce waste, on the flip side it will increase your value add time.

Effective file management can free up as much as 15% of you and your staff’s time

Start to make a change today,