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Latest Lean Video
TXM Lean Minute - Using Kanban to Connect Processes
One of the requirements of Lean is to link processes together, by doing this you avoid the waste of over production as well as reducing the need to spend excessive amounts of time planning production and figuring out what’s next.
Latest Lean Case Study
TXM Lean Case Study - Server Racks Australia
Server Racks Australia (SRA) is a successful manufacturer of computer server racks and related products. Their business grew due to high quality, responsiveness to customers and product innovations decreasing order lead times from 4-6 weeks to 14 days.
Latest Lean Articles
The Truth about Visual Management Boards
If takt time is the heart of Lean Production, Visual Management represents the nervous system in Lean Management. Visual Management is an indispensable tool when we implement Lean. Read as Justin Tao explains the Truth about Visual Management.
How to: Create Flow When There is No Assembly Line
One of the most well-known Lean concepts is that of “flow”. The most familiar example of flow is the automotive assembly line. Learn how TXM has applied flow in a variety of businesses with out a full assembly line.
Latest News
TXM Training Lean leadership Workshops a Huge Success!
TXM Training hosted the first round of The Leadership for Operational Excellence Program in April. Attendees came away with a better understanding of Lean Leadership and the role it plays in driving a culture of Operational Excellence.
TXM Exhibiting at AusTech 2019 @ Booth 505
AusTech 2019 is Australia's premier showcase for Australia's top manufacturers in conjunction with National Manufacturing Week. We will be exhibiting this year, so come along and find out how we can help you get ready for Industry 4.0.
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