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Latest Lean Video
TXM Lean Minute – Consider the True Cost of that Special Bulk Deal
You might think buying in bulk will save you time and money in the long run, but it can have the opposite effect. Watch as UK Senior Consultant Tim Scurlock explains why you should think before you purchase.
Latest Lean Case Study
TXM Lean Case Study – Food Industry Lean Manufacturing – Ferguson Plarre
Ferguson Plarre is a major industrial bakery supplying quality cakes and pastries fresh daily to a chain of over 50 retail stores. Watch as TXM Director Tim McLean chats to Ferguson Plarre Director Michael Plarre about their Lean Journey.
Latest Lean Articles
The Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Lean Leader
Leadership is a major aspect of Lean and will have an impact on every aspect of your operation. Building a culture of continuous improvement needs to be driven from the leaders. Read as TXM Director Tim McLean explains the transformation into a Lean Leader.
The Seven Wastes and How to Reduce them in your Organisation
In every manufacturing process you will inevitably encounter waste which has no value to the customer. You can eliminate these wastes to make your processes more efficient. Read as Senior Consultant Robert Chittenden explains the 7 common wastes in manufacturing.
Latest News
TXM Lean Solutions expanding with new North American and European Consultants
Here at TXM we have been expanding our consulting roster for the North American and European Markets. We have just added 4 new consultants to help our customers in Europe and NA.
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