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Latest Lean Video
TXM Lean Minute – Learn How to Get the Right Inventory Level for Your Business
Getting the right inventory in the right quantity at the right time is critical to your business success. Calculating the right level of inventory is a science, not guesswork or gut feel. In this Lean minute Video, TXM UK Senior Lean Consultant, Tim Scurlock explains the principles behind getting your inventory right. This video was shot at Hazchem Safety in Brackley.
Latest Lean Case Study
Lean and TPM Transformation for a Global Leading Abrasives Manufacturer
At 20 years old, this plant had an entrenched culture and major challenges with lead time, poor equipment performance and disengaged employees. A new leadership team set the goal of being No.1 in Asia and so TXM was engaged to apply our skills in Lean and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) to turn this plant around.
Latest Lean Articles
Seven Common Problems in Project Manufacturing and How to Overcome Them
More and more manufacturers are involved in project based manufacturing. This is particularly the case in construction where the trend is to construct building elements or even whole buildings off site for delivery to site and final assembly and installation. Project Manufacturing presents different challenges from traditional manufacturing, but Lean is equally valuable. Learn more how to improve your project manufacturing process from this blog.
Solve Problems In Your Business with Fishbone Diagrams
Fishbone diagram may also be referred to as “Cause and Effect” diagram, or Ishikawa diagrams, after their founder Kaoru Ishikawa. Whatever your preferred term, the fishbone diagram is a great tool for delving into a problem when we need to determine the root cause, and you are surrounded by the opinions of those around you.
Latest News
Peter Oborn Joins TXM as Business Development Manager NSW
TXM is pleased to welcome Peter Oborn to our team as Business Development Manager based in Sydney, NSW.
Victorian Regional Manufacturing Clusters Program Now Underway
After a lot of hard work by the AI Group, the TXM team and the other program partners, the Victorian Regional Manufacturing Clusters program is now underway across the state.
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