TXM Television – Episode 50 – Introduction to Growing your Agribusiness with Lean

TXM Television Episode 50 featuring TXM Consulting Director Anthony Clyne

In Episode 50 Anthony gives a brief intro into how Lean grow your Agribusiness.

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Hello and welcome to TXM TV, I’m Anthony Clyne,

Lean thinking in agribusiness helps grow your sales, reduce your costs, and is easy to do .

Welcome to this TXM TV episode series on Agribusiness Lean implementation.

Sure Lean thinking helps the actual value add steps of the crop cycle and the processing and packaging but it goes far beyond that.

The business decisions on how to engage growers, how to engage the seed selection process, how to harvest, how to transport the product from the field to the packaging place.

Then how to ensure that the people are there at the packaging place to process the product during the peak harvest, how the machines are maintained to be reliable, how the equipment is selected and modified to leverage your advantage.

Theses are some examples of lean thinking in agribusiness.

Successful farms are often the result of a successful farmer. As farms grow the practice that was employed by the successful farmer becomes difficult to maintain.

After years and years and generations and generations the core farming principles that established the sound business in the 1st place gets diluted, and often gets lost.

The challenge is to maintain an awareness of these foundation simply is too much time needed to both and no matter how early you get up and how late you go to bed there simply is not enough time. Lean sets up the systems to replicate the practices the business needs.

These systems extend the people to then make make the right decisions and this is learnt through leadership and problem solving.

I hope you enjoy our upcoming Webinar series on Agribusiness

Thank you for participating and watching this live production. Remember to comment on our Linkedin Page and email us at [email protected]. I’m Anthony Clyne and I hope you join us again for the next episode in this series.

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Timothy McLean

Author: Timothy McLean

Timothy McLean is the Managing Director of TXM Lean Solutions and is an author of Lean books.