Extended Program for TXM Training

Training group learning about visual management

Following The Leadership for Operational Excellence Program, we will be running our extended TXM Training program from September till November.

We will be running workshops for Value Stream Mapping, Coaching Problem Solving, Countdown Project Management and the Lean Supply Chain Simulation.

Advanced Lean techniques and methodologies

The Value Stream Mapping workshop specifies the correct techniques to successfully implement Value Stream Mapping in your organisation and create a culture of operational excellence. This unique workshop allows micro-behaviours to be defined immediately and further engages you to participate and learn Value Stream Mapping at an operational level while eliminating waste.

Value Stream Mapping Workshop @ GroundProbe – October 22nd & 23rd

Value Stream Mapping Workshop @ Ground Probe, QLD

The Lean Supply Chain Simulation workshop delivers hands-on experiences in solving supply chain problems.
 Discovering the reasons why your supply chain is failing to deliver and develop new strategies to overcome them. Learn the solutions to common supply chain problems in this interactive, hands-on and practical simulation.

Lean Supply Chain Workshop @ Holcim November 26th

Lean Supply Chain Workshop @ Holcim, QLD

Coaching Problem Solving – 2-Day workshop for coaching best practice problem solving for your teams. Delving into the more advanced problem solving techniques like breaking down and measuring real problems, the A3 thinking methodology and simple templates for effective communication.

Coaching Problem Solving Workshop @ Campari October 16th & 17th

2-Day Problem Solving Workshop @ Campari

Timothy McLean

Author: Timothy McLean

Timothy McLean is the Managing Director of TXM Lean Solutions and is an author of Lean books.