Lean Solutions

  • Lean Supply Chain

    At TXM we understand the challenges facing distributors and can help you come up with practical solutions to drive improved customer service, less waste, less inventory and lower costs.

  • Lean Transformation

    TXM understands how to transform your business. The practical approach of our experienced team enables us to develop solutions customised to the needs of your business.

  • Lean Facility Layout

    Relocating or redesigning your facility can disrupt your business. TXM's Lean Facility Layout Process helps you optimise your layout with minimal disruption.

  • Lean Manufacturing

    Need to improve business performance? Not reaching your potential? TXM Lean Manufacturing will deliver outstanding value to your customers and your business. Driving up profits.

  • Practical 5S

    TXM Practical 5STM is a simple practical approach that delivers sustainable ongoing improvement by driving accountability to the front line in your business.

  • Lean Leadership

    The key to achieving sustainable lean transformation is aligning leadership, culture and knowhow within an organisation. TXM apply proven Lean Leadership coaching approaches that provide your leaders the skills to drive sustainable culture change.

  • Lean Sales

    The tools of Lean Enterprise are typically seen as a way for companies to look inward at their own business processes. However working with our major customers, TXM has turned the focus on lean outward – to the customer experience.

  • Accelerated Productivity Programme

    The Accelerated Productivity Programme is a targeted programme aimed at a specific outcome – rapidly increasing your throughput of a key product or service. It is not an overall Lean operating system deployment.

  • Lean Problem Solving

    Structured Problem Solving is a learned skill that helps you to step back and evaluate your problems in a clear, concise and structured way to get the best results. Here at TXM we call this our Solving Problems Every Day (SPED) Methodology.