Small and Medium Sized Enterprise

At TXM we know Small and Medium Sized Enterprise, we know the problems and challenges you are facing.

Our experienced Lean consulting team have helped more than 400 SMEs in 20 countries overcome hurdles to growth and grow their businesses. We coach our small and medium-sized manufacturing clients to adapt Lean tools and methods to suit their unique processes, culture and distinct needs.

Bringing together the most innovative & practical techniques of Lean Manufacturing for your business.

At TXM we understand the challenges facing SMEs and can help you develop practical solutions tailored to your business, driving growth and operational efficiency.

TXM Leading your Enterprise Transformation

You might think Lean Manufacturing only applies to large automotive assembly plants or aircraft production facilities. In fact, the underlying principles of Lean Manufacturing can be applied to businesses of all structures and sizes.

Over 15 years we have developed world leading expertise that enables us to understand the particular challenges that growing manufacturing and distribution businesses face. We have been able to develop uniquely effective solutions that combine Lean Manufacturing principles with business common sense to drive improved customer service, less waste, less inventory and at lower costs to your business maximising your profit.

Our team of TXM Lean Consultants pride themselves on being manufacturing professionals first and Lean manufacturing consultants second. Every member of our team has extensive practical manufacturing experience in leadership and management roles in addition to their deep knowledge and experience in Lean Thinking.