Lean Facility Layout Solutions

Moving your operation or changing your layout is a complex exercise bringing with it a high risk of disruption to your business and customers.

Getting your layout wrong can lock excess cost and inefficiency into your business for decades. In our experience a well planned and executed layout change can yield space reductions of over 50%, productivity improvements of up to 40% and lead to reductions in inventory and production lead time exceeding 50%.

Getting your facility layout right the first time will save you a lot of time, money and future pain.

Our Facility Layout Development Process will make sure every square inch of your new facility counts. We will also help you use your facility to take your business to the next level with improved efficiency and safety.


Reorganising Your Facility for Maximum Efficiency

TXM has assisted well over 100 companies to design layouts for factories, warehouses and workshops. The proven TXM Lean Facility Layout Development Process applies Lean Tools in a structured way to enable you to completely re-think the layout of your next facility.

The TXM Facility Layout Development Process is designed to bring together all the relevant parties to make sure we all understand the full picture before committing to moving machinery and workstations.


Why Choose TXM?

The TXM Facility Layout Development Process will deliver:

  • Reductions in Material Handling Distance and Time;
  • Save Floor Space;
  • More Revenue for a Given Amount of Space
  • Increased Productivity and Reduced Waste
  • Improved Safety
  • Lower Building & Capital Costs
  • Lower Ongoing Operating Costs