Lean Consultants in Canada

TXM helps growing Canadian manufacturing and distribution businesses achieve their goals through operational excellence. Our skilled local team are focused on delivering sustainable change to your business. We combine deep understanding of Lean thinking with practical industry knowledge and our unique and globally proven delivery approach to deliver outstanding returns on your investment.

What our clients say

‘From where I sit there is no way we could have achieved where we are today and where we will go in the coming months/years without the guidance of TXM. I really can’t thank you enough. My days are filled with purpose and are so much more enjoyable. When problems arise, I get excited to go an attack them with the team. The problems are not always fun, but the challenge and bringing a group together to attack it certainly is.

Nick Adams – EGR NA – North America Consulting

Lean Consulting Solutions for Growing Manufacturing and Distribution Businesses

Growing businesses face unique challenges. However too often the support they are offered has been designed for big corporations and delivered by people who only understand big corporations. Working with over 500 small and medium sized manufacturers and distributors in over 20 countries over 17 years TXM has developed a world leading approach. We deliver the results that growing businesses need in a way that reflects the day to day challenges of working in and leading a growing business.

We work to accomplish the results you require in a sustainable manner and making the best use of your time. Our guarantee of results mean that we are as committed to delivering change as you are. And our fixed price contracts mean that you know up front what you have to invest. We will then work with you for as long as it takes to effect change and ensure a return on your investment.

Case Studies of Our Work Across Canada

At TXM we understand that Canadian manufacturing is not just about making cars and aeroplanes. We bring a huge industry knowledge base of over 500 companies from large scale agribusinesses to fresh daily bakeries, from family owned machining shops to advanced medical device manufacturers and from custom joinery makers to large scale construction material manufacturers. We understand how to develop and apply solutions that fit your business and have the case studies to prove it.

Lean Consulting Services in Canada

We have worked in Canada for over five years delivering sustainable results in businesses as diverse as barley malting and modular building construction. Our approach is to start with an initial free of charge visit to your site to understand your business and the challenges you are facing. Our services typically include:

  • Designing Lean factory and warehouse layouts
  • Streamlining your office and engineering workflows
  • Creating an organized, safe and efficient manufacturing operation
  • Optimizing warehouse processes and productivity
  • Reducing inventory and fine tuning your supply chain
  • Developing the leaders at every level of your business
  • Helping you get the most out of the technology in your business

We will customize a fixed price proposal to meet your specific needs and solve the challenges that your business is facing today.

Qualified Canadian Lean Consultants

Our Canadian consulting team are experienced manufacturing professionals who have had to learn Lean the hard way – by delivering practical results on the factory and warehouse floor. We don’t hire trainers, but instead look for manufacturing leaders with a practical understanding of what happens in a manufacturing operation and a proven track record of delivering change.

After joining our team, they are trained by our global consulting operations team in TXM’s unique approach. They then benefit from our global knowledge base and ongoing consultant professional development. Therefore, you can be confident that your Canadian business is receiving the world best standard of support when you hire TXM.

However, beyond the individual that appears on site, you can have confidence that you are supported by a global organization that will back you all the way to deliver the results you need.