Lean Consultants in the UK

Since 2015, TXM has been helping companies across the UK achieve Operational Excellence with Lean Thinking. Our team of Senior Lean Consultants is located across the UK and has worked with over 100 companies large and small from Cornwall to Aberdeenshire to drive improved operational and supply chain performance.

‘As a fast growing dynamic business we were in a position during Q2 of 2018 where production capacity was diminishing quicker than our business plans had accounted for. Initially we felt the only short term solution was an extra production shift or more overtime for production staff. Then we called TXM who helped us increase customer satisfaction levels and a 50% increase in production’

Tom Francis – Managing Director – OBEX UK

Why Choose TXM’s UK Lean Consultants?

Our UK Lean consultants take pride in the TXM practical approach, getting out on the factory floor to coach your employees to achieve real change, with direct business results.

At TXM we pride ourselves on our ability to understand your business and your industry. We specialise in manufacturing and distribution, but have delivered sustainable results in sectors as diverse as agriculture, equipment hire and professional services.

We quote you a fixed price to sustainably to achieve the outcomes you need. We will then work with you for as long as it takes to achieve change and lock it in so you can be sure of a return on your investment.

Lean Consulting Case Studies in the United Kingdom

Results speak for themselves. The proof is in the bottom line!

Whether you are looking to solve issues around productivity, lead times, employee engagement or just sick of firefighting, then you too can find a better way.

Maybe you have too much inventory and need to reduce it or you have some quality issues that are holding you back?

TXM has many Lean manufacturing case studies that you can look at and see how we have helped others just like you achieve lasting results.

Lean Consulting Services In the United Kingdom

Our Lean Consulting services help you develop Lean Improvement projects that transform your business, reduce waste and work in progress inventory.

We help identify flaws in workflows to improve use of resources and reduce stoppages. Having smoother process helps improve operational efficiency.

Our Lean Consulting projects may include single projects like factory layouts or large scale, multi-site business transformations.

Your team are supported as they learn to implement new ideas with their newly found Lean skills. A key benefit is that instead of fighting fires, your team are empowered to apply Lean methodologies everyday resulting in less stress and continual improvement.

Experienced Lean Consultants in the UK

At TXM, our experienced Lean Consultants, we are world leaders in applying Lean Thinking in Small and Medium enterprise. Our Lean Consulting projects have included hundreds of smaller manufacturing and distribution businesses from bakers to steel fabricators and from corporate uniform suppliers to food distributors.

We understand what it takes to ready a business for profitable growth and can call on expertise from a global team and a proven approach to transforming operational performance. Whether you are a global company, or a family owned small or medium sized business we can tailor a solution that will deliver breakthrough improvement in cost, quality, delivery and output.

We have the expertise in a wide range of Lean Tools including Lean Manufacturing, Lean Plant Layout, Supply Chain Management, Visual Management and Lean Industry 4.0.