TXM Lean Consultants

  • Timothy McLean - Managing Director

  • Anthony Clyne - Consulting Director

  • Ron Spiteri - Executive Director

TXM Lean Solutions Directors

  • Timothy McLean
    Managing Director

    Timothy McLean is the Managing Director of TXM Lean Solutions and brings over 20 years of operational experience to his role. Specialising in Project Management and Process Improvement, he's driven by Lean Supply Chain methodologies. McLean has implemented Value Stream Maps, improved operational flow, and minimised waste. His achievements include overseeing significant operational changes and establishing intricate international supply chains. Timothy is also an author on Lean Thinking and Operational Excellence

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  • Anthony Clyne
    Consulting Director

    Anthony Clyne, the Consulting Director of TXM Lean Solutions, has been demonstrating his expertise in Lean Manufacturing since 2007. With experience spanning industries such as food, automotive, and minerals processing, his skills are wide-ranging. His foundation in standardised work was built as a Graduate Engineer at Ford, mentored by Mazda engineers.

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  • Ron Spiteri
    Executive Director

    Ron Spiteri joined TXM Lean Solutions in 2012 as an Executive Director. Ron is based in Brisbane, Australia and holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical), a Masters of Business Administration. Ron mentors stakeholders of all levels and disciplines within a business, from the Board Room, down through the Operations, Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Quality, Finance, and HR functions.

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