Food and Agribusiness Industry

As the world’s population grows, consumer demand for fresh, quality food expands and natural resources become more scarce. The productivity of the food production value chain needs to increase.

This coupled with the changing culinary and marketing needs of society and demanding powerful retailers, means that food producers and processors not only needs to maximise its productivity, and yield, it also needs to be highly agile.

TXM understands the food chain from paddock to plate and every step in between. TXM has worked with growers, processors, distributors and retailers. Our customers have included innovative Small and Medium sized businesses as well as global leaders.

Our experience encompasses a huge range of food and agriculture sectors including carbonated beverages, juice, wine, baking, flour milling, horticulture, egg production, pork production, mushrooms, salad production, condiments, confectionery, coffee, edible oils, fresh, frozen and chilled distribution. Our customers range from global leaders to small family businesses.