Lean Problem Solving Solutions

Problems occur across every level of an organisation with many leaders treating only the symptoms of these problems, instead of addressing the root cause.

The nature of a complex production process is that problems frequently occur. These can include internal quality issues, machine downtime or material supply issues. Many businesses we see excel in treating the symptoms of these problems to keep production going at all costs. This is commonly known as firefighting and builds in cost and the risk of poor quality.

TXM has an extensive range of root cause analysis and problem-solving tools and techniques.

Our tools range from the simplest techniques up to the most sophisticated statistical tools. TXM will use our trademarked SPED process to teach your staff how to solve many of your complex problems on a daily basis. View the SPED Methodology Video.

The TXM Problem Solving Approach

Structured Problem Solving is a learned skill that helps you to step back and evaluate your problems in a clear, concise and structured way to get the best results. Here at TXM we call this our Solving Problems Every Day (SPED) Methodology.

The TXM framework will provide the tools and coaching to identify the root causes and select actions to quickly and successfully eliminate day to day productions problems on the shop floor.

TXM coaches team members and front-line leaders to apply our SPED process in running daily problem-solving meetings to identify and take action on daily issues preventing quality and delivery objectives.

Why Choose TXM?

The TXM SPED Methodology will help you and your teams:

  • Remove Time Lost in Debate
  • Identify Weak Points in Your Processes
  • Discover Systemic Causes
  • Explain with Reasons Why an Incident Occurred
  • Gives A Factual Representation of the Incident
  • Prevent Problems from Ever Occurring
  • Reduces the Possibility of Bias
  • Increase your Teams Potential