Lean Leadership Solutions

Delivering sustainable change in Lean requires leadership and cultural barriers to be overcome as well as Lean knowhow.

The TXM Lean Leadership approach helps you through all these barriers to drive lasting change in your business. The key to achieving sustainable lean transformation is aligning leadership, culture and knowhow within an organisation. The TXM Total Excellence System includes proven Lean Leadership coaching approaches that provide the leaders at every level of your organisation to drive sustainable culture change.


TXM constantly contributes to the global conversation about Lean Leadership.

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Leading a Lean Transformation

What makes some companies successful at implementing lean while others struggle to make any progress?

The answer you will get from most lean experts is “leadership”. But what does this actually mean? A failure of leadership is the reason for the failure of most business change programs, not just lean so what leadership approaches are important specifically for lean implementation?

TXM Lean Leadership

TXM has developed hundreds of Lean leaders at every level across dozens of businesses.


  • Senior Leadership Workshops – Engage the most senior leaders in a business in leading their Lean Transformation.
  • Lean Daily Leadership Process® – Develop front line leaders and their teams to take responsibility for driving performance.
  • One on One Coaching – Of Leaders at every level of your organisation and at every step of the Lean transformation.