Achieving Operational Excellence with Innovative Lean Thinking.

Why Choose TXM's Lean Consulting Firms?

Are you faced with ferocious global competition? Do you want to increase your returns and obtain lasting results? Our lean consulting professionals are passionate about improving businesses, have experienced these challenges first hand, and have proven themselves as lean consultants with an outstanding track record.

Lean Consulting Case Studies

The proof is in on the bottom line! Results speak for themselves, so whether you are looking to solve issues around productivity, lead times, employee engagement or are just sick of firefighting then you too can find a better way. See how TXM has helped others just like you achieve lasting results.

Lean Consulting Services

Our Lean Consulting services help you develop Lean Improvement projects that transform your business, reduce waste and work in progress inventory.

We help identify flaws in workflows to improve use of resources and reduce stoppages. Having smoother process helps improve operational efficiency.

Our Lean Consulting projects may include single projects like factory layouts or large scale, multi-site business transformations.

Your team are supported as they learn to implement new ideas with their newly found Lean skills. A key benefit is that instead of fighting fires, your team are empowered to apply Lean methodologies everyday resulting in less stress and continual improvement.

Experienced Lean Consultants

Our experienced Lean Consultants have over 400+ years of combined experience. They have worked with a range of industries – from large and small manufacturers to supply chain and distribution. We have the expertise in a wide range of Lean tools including:
1. Lean Manufacturing;

2. Lean Plant Layout;

3. Supply Chain Management;

4. Visual Management and;

5. Lean Industry 4.0.

Professional Management Assistance at TXM Lean Consultants

Do you have a great manufacturing idea but do not know how to implement it? Are you looking for ways to streamline the operations of an existing business to cut costs and enhance efficiency? TXM Lean Solution is here to assist. We have years of expertise and experience along with the equipment to help achieve any of these manufacturing goals.


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