TXM Training

Building on over a decade of success implementing Lean around Australia and internationally.

TXM Training will focus on providing you and your team with the essential skills to drive Lean and Operational Excellence in your organisation.

Our training workshops will offer a range of hands-on one and two-day training workshop in essential Lean, Operational Excellence & Continuous Improvement topics.

This fresh approach to learning Lean methodologies and project management skills is about combining class work with on-site practical experience.

Our workshops aim to teach a culture of continuous improvement for you and your team by understanding you and your organisation.

TXM Training workshops are delivered by real Lean practitioners with over 150 years of combined operational excellence experience teaching practical techniques that can be immediately applied in your organisation.

TXM Training practitioners will provide you and your organisation with flexible, intuitive, unparalleled practical experiences not found in traditional training organisations.

Join us for a new practical hands-on way to learn Lean and Operational Excellence techniques.